My Weekly Photos: 6/14 - 6/20/15 (And Vlog #25)

Monday, June 22, 2015

I'm slowly getting back into doing this series since I got my domain back.  (YAY!)  I did manage to snag a few nice shots of some of our new flowers and a judgmental kitten. 

First, I am so excited that my dad's orange day lilies are finally blooming!

Only about a quarter of them are open at the moment, but I figured that I better get some shots while I could.  You never know when a rain storm may beat them up or a cat that takes a notion to be extra mean.

Here are some of the newer lilies to our yard.  My dad hasn't done much with them yest except put them in the ground for safe keeping.  Most of them are still closed as well.  I think they are all supposed to be different colors.  I shall keep an eye on them to see.

The marigolds are shaping up.  They ought to be as much as we are having to water them.  Stand alone concrete planters in 95+ degree heat with next to no rain is zero fun.

We also got some good tomatoes coming.  My cat nip also doing well as long as I water it twice a day.

These kittens are pert near impossible to catch in a shot with my equipment.  They are just fast little boogers!

Somehow, I got lucky and got this one.  Shoot, they learn that look from a young age, don't they?  It's nothing but contempt, judgment, and general apathy.  Cats, man.  Cats.


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