Dollar Tree Haul: Pure & Natural Shampoo and Solar Dancers

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I have another Dollar Tree haul already.  Oh yes!  Good things happen when I venture forth into bigger cities.

Swinging Solar Dancers

I was so happy to score one of each of the new solar dancers.  They go so quickly at my store because of the retail arbitragers in my area.  They are happily swinging in my living room window.

Decorative Tape (Washi and Fashion Duct Tape)

My store finally got in some of the bright and cheerful washi tape that I have seen people haul for ages.  They had a lot more patterns, but none of them appealed to me. be honest, I don't need 9000 rolls of washi tape.  I want them, but I don't need them.

I also only picked up one roll of the Jot fashion duct tape.  I just wasn't sure of the quality, and the dispenser looked kind of difficult to use.  We shall see.


What's a Dollar Tree haul with out stickers?  A sad one.  A sad and boring one.


The red and white label are Dollar Tree brand, but the ones with buttons are Sandy Lion.  I wish I would have bought a couple more of those, because they are probably some frou frou stationary brand.  It would have made me feel special.  It's the small things, y'all, the small things.

Polaroid Address Labels

What a deal for a buck!  You get 240 of the return address label in white.  They also had the photo paper sheets.

Old El Paso Rice Microwave Bowl Meal

My dad really likes these meals.  Not only are they convenient, but they only have about 470 mg of salt for the whole bowl.  That is way less than other meals of this type that I've seen.

Decorative File Folders

I saw one of my friends, JoFaye, make some mini binder dividers out of some of these a couple weeks ago.  So, I knew I needed to be on the lookout for them.  Goodness knows that I am the slowest crafter in the universe, but some day I shall do it, too.  Yes!

2pk Fashion Pencil Pouches

These were just so fun and vibrant.  The zippers are pretty good quality, too.  I always check the zippers.  I have learned my lesson after many a crappy dollar store zipper.  Haha!

Patterned Storage Bin

I had been on the lookout for these since I had seen several other youtubers showing them in hauls.  My store had quite a lot, but I only picked up 3.  Why?

Because every other one had major flaws in the patterns.  They were either smudged, crooked, or in the wrong place altogether.

I accidentally picked up one with a flaw myself.  It's missing the pattern on one side.  It will do, though.  I'm not that picky...sometimes.

If you are in the market for these, be sure that you look them over very well.

Pure & Natural Rosemary and Mint - Shampoo and Conditioner

Oh boy, here we go.  I bought another product that everyone was raving about and claiming that it works miracles.  I just had to test it despite going through a lot of duds this very same way.  Glutton for punishment: party of one.

I have used it once so far, and I do have to say...

It the best shampoo and conditioner that I have purchased from Dollar Tree.  It's not too bad, but it's not for my hair.  It just isn't moisturizing enough for my really dry hair.  It didn't leave me with straw head or anything, but my frizzies and waves are out to play!

The shampoo smells nice, but it is really runny.  Really runny.  So, don't be a dumb butt like me and turn the tube all the way vertical to squeeze some out.  It is barely thicker than water.  Surprisingly, it lathers up amazingly well.  I really enjoyed it.  I did have to use quite a lot since it was so thin.  Only drawback that I can name.

The conditioner was thick and creamy.  The scent wasn't as strong as it is in the shampoo.  I did need to use quite a bit of the conditioner, because my hair just kept soaking it up.  It did okay, but it wasn't near moisturizing enough for my dry hair.  I could see it maybe doing well for someone with oily hair.  It would provide moisture but not too much.

I will continue to use these until they are gone.  I will add a leave in conditioner afterwards from on, though.

In short, I personally wouldn't repurchase these, but I could see them working well for others.

Natural White Sensitive Toothpaste

We have bought this quite a few times.  My dad can only use sensitive toothpaste.  He used to buy a tube for $14 at the dentist.  Then, we started buying him Pronamel from Sensodyne.  The last few times we've been getting him this, and it seems to be working great.

Home Store Moisture Trap

This is a staple in our house.  We always have 2 going in the bathroom.  It takes a few days for you to see any trapped moisture, but they will eventually get completely full.  They totally helped a lot with the moisture problem in our bathroom.

LA Totally Awesome Cleaner

This is another staple in our house.  It is an awesome degreaser.  We've been buying it for years.

I have to make a note.  This is a concentrated cleaner.  You can really stretch your money if you dilute it in a ratio according to the job for which you are using it.  You will also save your hands and possibly a surface in your house.  I see everyone using this stuff straight for everything.  And...I cringe.  I cringe hard.

4pk Utility Tweezers

These were in the hardware and workshop section of the store.  I thought they would be good for crafts or nail art.  They have similar tweezers in the beauty section, but they are all separate.

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