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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This is a haul from quite awhile ago.  I still wanted to share it, because I don't see too many reviews or hauls out there for this company. 

I wanted to try these candles out after a friend of mine asked me about them when she saw them at a sports and outdoor store.  So, I looked them up, fell in love with the packaging, and had to try some out.

I ordered all but 2 of these from their clearance section on their website.  They have 2 separate sections with things marked 50%-75% off.

Oops Section:

Discontinued Section:


So, let's start off with the 2 wick candles that I picked up:

Indulgence 18oz Double Wick

Make a Wish

Official Description:  Dreamy moments of sparkling lemons and creamy vanilla flourish with raspberries, strawberries and soft hints of tuberose, pink cyclamen, magnolia and patchouli.

Can we just take a moment and appreciate the fact that they included the scent description on the tag with it?  I love it already for this.  Yes!

I haven't burned this one yet, but it has a very nice earthy perfume type fragrance like a luxury body product.

Classic 16oz Double Wick

Blue Ribbon Banana Raisin

Official Description:  Warm bananas blended with soft, juicy tender raisins. A rich combination and an addicting dessert "flavor."

I haven't burned this one yet, but y'all...

I could get a spoon and eat out of this thing!  It smells dead on like banana raisin pudding or something.  It has a great balance of banana and raisin.  It's not that fake runt banana either!  It's dead on ripe, mushy banana and plump, baked raisins.

This is seriously one of the best food type scents I have ever smelled.  Yum!

Tomato Basil (Formerly Tomato Vine)

Official Description:  Walk through grassy fields of gardenia blossoms and jasmine petals to our fresh herb garden full of sweet basil and tall vines of rich red sun-ripened tomatoes.

I must admit that I bought this one, because I was just so dang curious.  I mean, tomato basil?  I had to know if it smelled like a jar of pasta sauce or something.  Haha!

It doesn't at all.  It's very nice and green.  This is not the scent of the tomato fruit but of the green parts of the tomato plant itself.  It smells just like our vegetable garden.  I'm very pleasantly surprised.

Root Beer Float (Formerly Jerry's Root Beer)

Official Description:  Ah, a warm summer day and a frosty mug with scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream and frothy foam soda bubbles will make you feel like a child again.  (Pssstt…”Jerry” of the Jerry’s Root Beer label was named for our very own “pops”, Jerry McCall)

I haven't burned this one yet either.  But...

I half expected fizzy bubbles to tickle my nose as I smelled this one.  No joke!  It smells dead on like root beer.  Where has this been all my life?  I hope it burns well.  Yes!

Mexican Coco

Official Description:  Sinfully rich, Mexican chocolate decadently collides with sensational notes of fresh cream, smooth butter, velvety milk chocolate and just a hint of spice.

This is one that I actually have burned as evidenced by the picture above.  (I couldn't resist!)   So, I can talk more at length about it.

First, on cold, this one smells like the most fancy of hot chocolate drinks.  It's like if you were hanging out with a billionaire at his villa in Swiss Alps, this would be the hot cocoa that his personal frou frou 5 star chef would serve you.  No powder packets here.  Yum!

It burns true to cold with a very strong throw.  I had this going in my kitchen and it filled more than half of the entire house with strong chocolate goodness.  My dad, who doesn't give a hill o' beans about candles and can't smell to save his life, was like, "It smells good in here!"

This is definitely one of the best throwing candles I have ever burned in my life.  It's also the best and most true to life chocolate fragranced ones I have ever come across ever.

To be fair, there are a couple cons.

My wicks were a little off center.  So, I was getting some soot on one side that I couldn't do anything about.

Also, I had something happened that I have never had happen to me every before with a candle. The last time I went to burn it, I had a lot of fragrance oil sitting on top of the remaining 20% or so of wax.  I didn't think anything of it and lit it anyway.  Big mistake!

It started putting off black smoke like crazy since I guess it was burning the oil.  I've never had that happen before.  So, I just blew it out and am going to melt the remaining wax in my warmer.

In conclusion, you bet your butt I would buy this one again in a heartbeat even though I did encounter a couple issues.  The throw was worth it to me.  Amazing.


I also picked up a couple 3-wicks as well: 

12oz Triple Wick

Cherries Jubilee

Official Description:  Sweet cherries and its rich liqueur sauce are perfectly flambéed at McCall's!

These 3-wick ones don't come with the metal lid.  They come with a very heavy duty plastic dust cover.

I haven't burnt this one yet, but it smells just like cooked cherries.  Not artificial lollipop cherry.  Straight up, went in your backyard and picked 'em, cherries. 

Laura's Lemon Loaf

Official Description:  Look what Aunt Laura is baking today. . . her famous cream-cheese filled lemon bread. A tart lemon fragrance with a touch of poundcake makes this candle a fresh, yummy delight.  (Pssstt…Yes, there really is an Aunt Laura and she owns Laura’s Loaves and Goodies in La Habra, CA!)

I have been on a bakery lemon kick here lately.  So, I had to see what this brand's was like.

I haven't burnt it yet, but I am impressed on cold.  It is straight up, true to life, lemon pound cake.  I get the sweet, sugary lemon, but you also get the pound cake smell coming through.  I cannot wait to burn it.  It smell so delicious.


Additional Notes:  

I am so impressed with the food scents that I got.  These are seriously the best, true to life, ones that I have ever experienced.  They smell like the real thing and not an artificial imitation.

I will have a better opinion on the brand and whatnot after I burn more of these candle.  So far, I am thinking I may have a new favorite wax brand.  I'm over the moon with these at the moment.

We shall see...


All official scent descriptions from:


Not sponsored.  I could only wish for such a waxy opportunity. 

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