Weekly Photos: 5/16 - 5/22/15 (and Vlog)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm really enjoying taking pictures throughout the week and sharing them with y'all.  It used to be a huge hobby of mine, but I quit doing it for several years.  Feels great to take pictures of more than hauls.  (I still enjoy that, too.)

I hope y'all had a wonderful week and are in the midst of a fun-filled (or Netflix filled, oh yeah) weekend.  On to the pictures!

We only have one new flower this week, and it is a returning one from last year.

My dad got really obsessed with these Blanket Flowers (or Gaillardia) last year and planted a ton.  Only 2 have come back even though he babysat the fool out of them last year.  It is hard to grow anything in our soil anyway.  (Curse you, red clay!)

I took the picture on the left at the beginning of the week and the right one a few days later.  I love how the petals uncurl and get brighter and brighter.

I was so desperate for flower pictures that I plucked a dandelion.  Haha!  (I feel bad that I plucked it.  It didn't deserve that.)

To the right are some more pictures of our Knockout roses: double on top and single on the bottom.  My scary neighbors have a gorgeous and enormous Knockout rose bush I wish I could take a picture of, but well...they are scary. 

My poor cat nip seeds that I sprouted have been through some hard times.  I noticed a thick layer of white mold forming and the top of the paper pots a few days ago.  It kept growing no matter what I did, and it was starting to kill off my sproutlings.  So, I moved those suckers outside.

Luckily, the bright sun has almost killed the mold completely in just a few days.  There is still some on the outside of the pots that you can see in the close up picture, but none in the soil itself.

Also, yep, the retaining wall is still down.  We are still researching options for supplies, where to put the dirt, and all that.  It hasn't rained in the last 2 weeks.  So, it hasn't been a huge problem yet.  Once we dig it out, we can scrap all the steel from the old wall and make a few bucks, too.  Whoohoo!

We've been working on that $2 furniture piece that I bought last week a little each day.  It was a bear to clean.  It took 2 SOS pads and a lot of sanding to smooth out the rusted places.

The top (bottom right) turned out great.  My dad biscuited together 4 poplar boards from an old rotten tree he chopped up and planed down.  It has different color lines, worm holes, and the whole bit.  I didn't have the heart to stain it in fear that the natural beauty of the wood would be covered up.  So, we did 3 coats of sanding sealer and 4 coats of spray polyurethane.  It's smooth like glass.

I will probably make a separate post to go into more detail about the work we did on it, but it's done.  It's fabulous looking.  Yes!

Y'all knew cats were coming, right?

These are some of the new baby friends that have showed up this week.  There are actually three, but it was hard enough to get the top picture of the two.  I had to take it through 2 doors with my zoom on.  Those little critters are fast!

On the bottom left is their hiding spot.  It is perfect to protect them from predators.  (Like me, apparently.)  They can fit through there, but nothing else can.

Then, we have their momma.  She is nuts, but she is a good momma.  She hates people.  She even sits under the trailer and yells at me.  I hope to catch it on tape someday, because it sounds like that world's angriest cat video that went around a few years back.

Interesting story with her is that she is actually fixed.  The TNR lady captured her a few houses down 2 or 3 weeks back.  The vet told her she was nursing, but we could never find her kittens.  She still watches over, plays, and protects the fool out of them.  It is cute.  (Even though she is a furry ball of evil.)

If you watch my Weekly Vlogs on my Youtube channel, you have probably seen these guys.  They are my front porch gang of cats.  They live the good life.

Apparently, my buddy cat is part noodle.

Here are some more friends that visited during the week:  some long lost friends and a newbie.

Fun fact:  I used to think the top right cat and the momma cat were the same cat.  Not so!  Not even the same gender.  Haha!

Of course, I had to add a picture of ol' Fluff herself.  This is one of my indoor cats that bosses me around and judges me each day.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

I also found out that the DIY nails racks that I made awhile back hold 6-pack wax melts perfectly.  You can fit 49 packs per full sheet sized rack.  I consider that a win!

Though, now it looks like I own a wax store.  No regrets!

Finally, the absolute highlight of my week was getting my new camcorder.  Yes!

My old one that I've had for 6 years finally bit the dust.  Thankfully, I had been saving for quite awhile for a new one and was able to get this beauty.  (Sony HDR CX405)  It was way less expensive than I thought it would be.  Technology advances are a beautiful thing.

I look forward to tinkering around with it and learning all its nifty tricks.

It reminds me of when DVD players first came out and they were like $500.  Now, you can get one for $20.

It already has cat hair stuck to the strap.  It was meant to be.


My Weekly Vlog

Or watch it on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpdtL_1twss

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