Wax of the Day: Febreze - Mediterranean Lavender

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Today, we have Mediterranean Lavender by Febreze.  These come in 2.75oz packs divided into 6 cubes.  The retail price for each pack is around $3, and there are often manufacturer coupons available.

The Official Scent Description:  A fresh, botanical scent that mingles the warmth of a Mediterranean breeze with fragrant fields of purple French lavender.

So how did it do for me? 

Initial Thoughts:

I had high hopes for this one, because Febreze is the one big store brand (ie: Glade, Airwick, etc) that is the most consistent for me.  Their melts, especially the Gain scent, are very strong and usually perform very well for me.

They do seem to use a different wax blend than the other brands, because their cubes are much softer and melt very easily.  In fact, I recommend storing them in the fridge if you live somewhere exceptionally warm.  The cubes pictured above actually started melting as I was taking the pictures outside for just a couple minutes.

I've even had quite a time getting the wax out afterwards as well.  (I use the freezer method.)  It's just something to note.

I'm wax easy, though.  If they perform well enough, I can forgive a lot of things like staining, ease of removal, and clunky packaging.

Cold Impression: 

As for this particular one, it is pretty light on cold sniff.  I'm really surprised since all the other scents I have will knock you down if you sniff too hard.

It smells very clean almost like a bar of soap--a lightly floral and lavender scented bar of soap.


What:  2 wax cubes (just a little under 1oz)

How: Glade Warmer

Duration: 2:15pm - 5:30pm

Final Thoughts:

It started off pretty strong and filled my living room and dining room.  It really softened after about 30 minutes and stayed at that level until it completely stopped having any fragrance about 3 hours later.

I'm underwhelmed with this one.  Like I said before, the other melts I've tried from this brand have done great.  So, I probably wouldn't purchase this particular variety again.


Scent Description From:

Official Febreze Product Page:  http://www.febreze.com/en-US/Product.aspx?id=3473


This is not sponsored in anyway.  I paid for this myself using my own money and a manufacturer coupon that I clipped from the newspaper.  I'm still just not that cool.

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