My Weekly Photos: 5/8 - 5/15/15

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Way back in the early days of my internet experience, I actually started with a blog that was nothing but pictures that I had taken.  Funny enough, I am still using the same exact camera from more than 10 years ago to take these pictures.  Not as impressive as it was back then, but it still does the job.

(Contrary to popular belief, not everyone can go out and buy a Canon whatever or an IPhone thing nor do you have to have one to get the job done.)

I have already been doing weekly vlog videos on my Youtube Channel since the start of the year.   So, I thought it would be fun to do a personal weekly recap on here, but in photo form.

I guess you could say that all the pretty flowers and furry friends inspired me once again to dust off the old camera.  Be prepared  to be wowed by all 5 megapixels!  (Yes, that was meant to be sassy.  :D) 

My definite highlight of the week was going to my dad's church's rummage sale and scoring this beauty:

It was 2 bucks!  I had to double and triple check with them about the price.  I even donated an extra $4, because...I mean, 2 bucks?!

It does have some cosmetic issues: rust spots, dirt everywhere, and a crap-tastic particle board top that's got to go.  The bones are great.  The bottom is triple re-enforced, the legs are high and fully adjustable, the shelf brackets are in perfect shape, and the top is easily removed.  It even still had the original metal shelf with it!

I like that it isn't too deep, because my house is beyond tiny.  So, we can't have furniture that sticks out from the wall very much.

It should be a fun one to refinish. dad even got inspired and is already out in the workshop making a new top out of some poplar from an old rotten tree he cut down last year.  (I was going to make it myself, but I take all the help I can get.  Haha!)

It should look great once done, because the wood has different colorations, worm holes, and all that glorious-ness.  I'm even thinking of not staining it and just going straight to polyurethane, because it just looks neat.

My dad's green thumb never ceases to amaze me.  I couldn't properly grow a flower if my life depended on it, but he has got mad skills.

Pictured above is one of his many peony splendors.

Funny story.  My dad didn't know that the ants that cover the peony buds were good for them when he first started growing these years ago.  He did everything in the world to ward them off.  Unfortunately, this made it so that they didn't bloom at all for the first 2 to 3 years.  He got lazy one year and let them be.  The result was these gorgeous blooms.  Haha!  The more you know...

We have always had roses as long as I can remember.  This is one of our double knockout roses.  My dad went knockout rose nuts a few years back.  Just nuts!  So we mostly have that variety now.

We do still have one of our heirloom rose bushes that is over 40 years old.  It produces deep, blood red roses that are so gorgeous and impossible to find at stores nowadays.

I know it is 40 years old because of the story behind it.  Apparently, it was a present from my dad's father-in-law when he went to move into the house we are in now.  It was plucked from his yard up on the mountain (literally) and put into a potato for transit.  Must have been one heck of a potato, because the rose bush is still going strong. 

I could seriously start a zoo with the animals that I got around here.  (Not that I'm complaining...)

Above is a few shots that I was able to get when some of my furry friends sat still long enough.

We have my old dog Pylet that is too photogenic and majestic for his own good.  He just turned 11 recently, but he doesn't look a day over 8.  Massive shedding is coming.

In the middle bottom photo, we have my buddy cat who follows me everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, I can't take a step without worrying that I'm about to squish this little lady.  In fact, I took this picture after she flopped between my feet.  Bless her.

Lastly, we have the nice tortie kitty.  She is such a sweetheart but is a bit skittish at times.

If you look at her ears in the photo, you'll see one is tipped.  That is because we were able to get her fixed through out local TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program.  It lets people know that she is fixed and that animals control should never be called on her nor should they pick her up.

(I think there is a special place that is extremely hot and uncomfortable for people that call animal control on sweet kitties, but...that is neither here nor there.  A special, heinous place that they will share with the monsters that abandon their pets and contribute and create the problem.  Grrr.)

Anyway, I just mention this in case anyone is reading this and is trying to find a humane solution to feral cats in your area.  Most programs will fix the kitties for little to nothing and even provide the aftercare needed.  I urge you to check in your area for TNR programs.  It has been nothing but a blessing for me.  

Weekly Vlog #20: 

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