My Weekly Photos: 5/23 - 5/29/15 (and Vlog)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Here's some photos that I took throughout the week.  My Weekly Vlog will also be embedded below as soon as it's live.  I'm having technical difficulties at the moment with that.  I shall prevail!

The highlight of my week was definitely finishing up the overhaul on that rummage sale piece of furniture. 

These pictures don't do it justice.  I took a bunch more and hope to make a separate post with more information about it.  Love it, love it, and love it!

We also have some fruits and veggies coming along in the garden.

Left to right:  blueberries, grapes, and a tomato flower.  Whoohoo!

I hope we can get to all of them before the birds do. Though, with the amount of cats we have now, we haven't had quite as many bird problems.  Haha!

There is not much new going on flower-wise around here.

The Angel Wing Begonias are slowly shaping up.  Dad cleaned out the pots and planters on our back porch for some Marigolds.  I even found a Double Knockout rose that was just begging for a picture. 

My little Cat Nip is thriving outside. long as I keep it watered in this heatwave.

Below the Cat Nip is my Lemon Balm.  I had originally got this years ago because of many articles saying that it repelled mosquitoes.  Well...I got bit about 10 times while trying to take a picture of it.  So...I don't know about all that.

Then, we have our 'Mater bed.  Dad is growing Beef Masters this year.  If they taste even half as good as Beef Steaks, I'll be in heaven.  There is just no comparison between store bought and homegrown tomatoes.  Yum!

Lastly, I just goofed around a bit.

When I was out taking pictures I got reminded of when one of my city friends from up North came to visit me awhile back.  (Miss ya if you are reading this!)

He was so excited and taking pictures of all this "rustic scenery."  I mean he spent hours taking pictures of old tires, pieces of wood, animals, weeds, rusted metal, and even tree bark.  It was a hoot.

I see a lot of people doing it on social media now like Facebook and Instagram.  It cracks me up, because it is just so mundane to me.

I thought I would have a little fun and make an image fit for a city slicker's instagram account:

Haha!  Just insert some deep quote about knowing what's really important in their accompanying text post.   #rustic #simplelife #whatsimportant #hardwork #cleanair #countrybabe #needtoleavethecity #lifelessons #minimalism #blahblahblah

I guess those are like the hash tags they use.  I would hate to see their face when they find out that they aren't any fun places to go around here and the nearest Starbucks is well over a half hour away.  Haha!

I guess this is like when I go into Atlanta or somewhere and sprain my neck trying to stare at the super tall buildings like an idiot.  I once took a picture of sprinklers when I first moved to a city from here, because I had never before seen them.  Haha!  I got teased for a long minute about that.  Turnabout is fair play I guess.  :)

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