Haul Blog: CVS, Big Lots, Lowe's, DT, and Walmart

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If you follow my youtube channel, I do videos on occasion called "Haul Vlogs."  In each video, I take y'all around with me as I ramble and shop for the things that will be in upcoming hauls.

Well, yesterday, I finally got to go back into town with my shopping buddy for another trip.  Whoohoo!  Only I couldn't film, because my old camcorder finally died.  (New one is in the mail.  No worries.)

So, I thought it might for fun to do something similar but in a blog post format.  Proceed with caution and a possibly a snack. :D

Y'all know I mean business when I put on the pink rodeo ball cap.  I can't be bothered with things like my hair when I got deals to find.

Beside the picture of my capped visage is some views of the drive there.  It is definitely one of the more scenic routes we take even if you go interstate.

The picture is the bottom right is of the giant dragon statue that is pretty famous around there.  One of the local firework companies had it built.  Bless his heart, though, one of his ears broke off.

Also, I just can't believe I was able to get a picture of that dragon with my ancient Fuji camera (10 years old) from a moving vehicle on the interstate.  I wish I was this lucky in picking lotto numbers or something.  Dang.

The first stop was CVS to do the Scott toilet paper deal.  (When in doubt use your ECBs on toilet paper.  You can't go wrong.)

They also had some deal going where you got a free reusable bag and 30% off store brand stuff to carry out in it.  So, I picked up some of my favorite nail polish remover.

It's the CVS non-acetone formula.  It is so good.  I just hope they aren't discontinuing it, because they had some on clearance as well.  Not cool, CVS.  Not cool.

The next stop was Big Lots--one of my favorite stores ever when I have money.

This was the particular Big Lots that I usually find a crap ton of deals and awesome clearance.  Well...I wonder if they got a new manager or something because...it wasn't near as good as it usually is.

They didn't have half of the candles that the other stores have.  They had clearance shoved everywhere instead of having a specific section.  And can we talk about how they display their nail polishes?  (This goes for all Big Lots, at least in my area.)

The bottom two pictures above are how this store does the nail polish.  This is better than it usually is, but you will never sell off the polishes this way.  No one has time to dig through all of those until you are selling them for a quarter or something.  Most of the polishes don't have the name on top.  So, you would literally have to sit in the floor and go through every bottle.  Just no.

Also, why are they selling the Sally Hansen triple shines for $4.50?  Are you serious?  Anyway...

I still bought way too much crap.  Those dang Buzz coupons get me every time.  I also found some great food and candles on clearance.  So, a haul is coming.  Oh yes.

I have learned to never have anything but the lowest of expectations when going into any of the Dollar Trees in my area.  It is just better for the mind.

Well...I was pleasantly surprised this time!  I actually found stuff.  My shopping buddy did, too.  Oh my goodness...

I finally convinced him to even go in there with me by offering to pay for both of our things.  He still wasn't happy about it and was none too shy to let me know.  Well, he ended up getting over $20 of things for himself and the dog.  Haha!

I also got a lot of things myself including 2 more fabric refreshers that you see there in the bottom right picture.  (Yes, I still have a problem with collecting cheap fabric refreshers.  The hope is still alive!)

You know what that means?  Dollar Tree Haul forthcoming...oh yeah!

My buddy also ran in Lowe's when I went to Big Lots.  We needed sanding sealer for a piece of furniture that we are refinishing.  Did y'all know that a quart of sanding sealer is over $16 now?!  When did that happen?  I don't even want to know what a quart of polyurethane costs now!  Geez...there it is in the upper right corner in all it's 16 dollar glory. 

We also went into to the store that eats a piece of my soul upon every entry--Walmart.  I was in the same parking lot and needed a back up of my favorite top coat and some almond milk.  I did find a couple deals including an clearance exercise mat and some natural cat litter made out of corn to try.

I still spent way too much in there.  I stand by what I've said in the past.  Unless there is a crazy good clearance deal, Walmart is very overpriced especially on groceries.

With a truck cab full of junk, we hit the road again.

The sky was so pretty yesterday.  It almost made me forget about the beads of sweat rolling down my back and the mosquito bites up and down my legs.  It was just lovely.

I did manage to snag a picture from the car of the lake that is in that town's state park.  (Go camera!)  Tennessee has a lot of issues for sure, but the scenery isn't one of them.

As always, I carted all the stuff in and piled it on my stove in the middle of my tiny and dated kitchen to bask under the cheap fluorescent lights.  Hauls are coming.  You have been warned.  :)

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