Dollar Tree Haul: Post-it Products, Daisy Bloom Air Fresheners, and New Fabric Refreshers

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I swear that it's a rare day when my Dollar Tree stores have enough awesome goodies in stock for me to do a proper haul. happened once again!  Yes!

Paper Labels (30-50pk)

Any time I spot these in the store, I make sure to pick up a few packs.  I still just can't believe they have these for just a buck!  Yes!

They are pretty good quality as well.  I mow through them since I use a bunch each time I send out a care package or friend mail.  These are just invaluable to me.  If you want some, grab them when you spot some in your store.  They sell out almost as soon as they get unpacked in my area.

Patterned Fabric Tape

Washi and other novelty tapes must be doing really well for Dollar Tree, because they just keep cranking out new goodies.  Their newest display has quite a few patterns of floral fabric tape.  I just picked up a couple, but I am forever impressed that Dollar Tree even offers it.

Black Craft Paper (40pk)

This is a pad of all black paper that is just a hair thicker than construction paper. 

Post-it Brand Reminder Tags (50pk)

These are actual name brand.  Whoohoo!  Let's take and appreciate whatever buyer Dollar Tree hired, because they are killing it with this stationary stuff lately.

Anyway...these are long tags in which the ends fasten together.  So, you can write on them and attach them around handles, cords, or anything like that.

Post-it Brand Magnetic Grip Discs (2pk)

These look quite spiffy, but they weren't what I thought they were.  Haha!  I thought they were clips.  They actually have a stiff plastic into which you slide you papers or whatnot to hang.  They do seem to grip papers fairly well, but really thin items may slide right out.

Mini Writing Pads (3.5in x 5in; 5 x 35 sheet)

They had these in blue, purple, pink, white, and yellow. I just had to pick these up, because I had just bought a 5pk on Amazon for over $5.  Rage!

Multi-Colored Index Cards (75-100pk)  & Index Card Dividers (12pk)

I don't know what possessed Dollar Tree to make them bring out all these wonderful office supplies, but I hope it sticks.  Haha! 

Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes

Dollar Tree almost always has these year-round.  They just change the colors and patterns up every few months.  Do be aware that there are different sizes.  I picked up the largest size which is a true cube shape.  It is amazing for storing folded clothes. 

Pop-up Mesh Laundry Hamper

I got plans for this little dude.  I hope it is large enough to do a DIY I'm planning with it.  We shall see.  The worst that can happen is I end up with just a new hamper.  The horror!

Moisture Trap

These fly off the shelves at my stores.  People come in and buy a giant box at a time.  (Y'all seriously never heard of ordering bulk online?  Geez.)

We keep 2 in our bathroom at all times.  They are awesome!

Daisy Bloom Air Fresheners

I got these in 2 scents: Sunny Bloom & Citrus (yellow) and Juicy Bloom & Raspberry (purple.)

I was weary of these, because they have been hyped up by a lot of Dollar Tree haulers on youtube and facebook.  That usually spells disaster for me in my experience.  Haha!  I still wanted to try them when I finally spotted some, because they are just so cute anyway.

I have had the yellow one out for a little over 48 hours now.  I put it on the medicine cabinet in our super tiny bathroom.  (Seriously, you can hardly sit on the commode without bumping you knees.  Ugh.)  I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised!

It has a very nice floral fragrance.  It isn't an artificial floral either.  It was definitely stronger when I first opened it, but I was still able to catch a whiff when I walked past it today. Nice!

It is definitely not a scent that spreads out more than a foot or two from the flower, but it is doing well for the tiny space.  The packaging even says "for small spaces."  So, I'm happy with it so far.

I will update this post when the fragrance completely fades as well.  I'm curious as to how long it lasts, because I don't see the duration anywhere on the packaging.  We shall see...

Powerhouse Brand Fabric Refreshers (16.9 fl oz)

I got these in Tropical Vacation (orange) and Refreshing Waterfall (blue.)

I actually did a post and video a little bit ago comparing a bunch of different generic fabric refreshers.  So, I couldn't pass these up.

The blue one smells just like your typical "clean" scented fabric refresher.  I have sprayed it liberally on my bed twice each day for the last 4 days.  You can smell it on the surface right after you spray it, but it fades pretty quickly after that.

The orange one smells like a sweet suntan lotion--like coconuts, vanilla, and sugar.  I sprayed this one liberally on my dad's bed twice for the last 4 days.  This one has a strong fragrance on the sprayed surface right after spraying.  Surprisingly, I smelled his bed spread again this morning before I sprayed again and...the scent was still there.  It was a bit lighter, but I still picked up a sweet vanilla-type fragrance on it.  Nice!  I will continue testing it, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

I'm still on the hunt for one that is comparable to name brand, but I take small victories as they come.  Haha!


What do you even call these things?  Trigger lighter?  Grill lighter?  Long neck lighter?  I don't know, but it's a good deal.

Brown Rice (1.5lbs)

This is a pretty good deal for brown rice.  I haven't purchased rice from a Dollar Tree in awhile, because the last time that I did it had little bugs in it.  (It was from a different store in another city.)  I couldn't see the bugs until I went to wash the rice, and they all floated to the top.  Ugh.

I need to make rice in a couple days again.  Wish me luck! 

Healthy Max Dog Treats - Hip & Joint Formula

This is a repurchase for me.  My old dog has been walking a bit slower than normal.  So, we thought we would try these out.  They worked great for him.  We actually ran out for awhile, and he started to limp again.

I just wish you could buy these in a bigger quantity.  You are supposed to feed a treat per 10lbs of dog daily.  When you have a big dog, that's a lot.  It's still comparable to the $4 bigger bag of the Pet Armor ones that Walmart sells.  So, I'm happy.

Solar Dancer - Hula Girl

My store just now got these.  I wasn't going to pick it up, but I guess you could say it was love at first sight or some crap.  I saw people saying that she looked weird and scary.  I think she's cute.

(Though, I still find it odd and a bit unsettling that they use cultural caricatures for solar dancers...but I'm not going to go into that.  We'd be here all day, and this is not the place for all that.)

LA Colors - Speckled

There was a new polish on the display.  I can't resist sometimes.  This one is a topper and would not get opaque on its own.


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