Dollar Tree Review: White Rain Boutique Collection

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today I am reviewing the White Rain Boutique Collection that I picked up at my local Dollar Tree for $1.00 each.  I have been using these daily for about 2 weeks now and feel like I can give y'all my opinion on them.

So, which ones are worth your dollar, and which ones are better left on the shelf?

Video review also up on my youtube channel:

Facial Cleanser & Make Up Remover

This cleanser is okay especially for the price.  I don't think that it is anywhere near as good as most of the higher end ones that I have used.  (Olay, Garnier, L'oreal, etc)

It does the job, though!  I have really sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, and this didn't dry out or irritate my skin at all.  Of all the Dollar Tree face products that I've tried, this one is the best so far.   (And least nerve wrecking to try for sure.  Haha!)

Gentle Facial Scrub

This is definitely the dud of the group.  It barely had any exfoliating pieces in it, and the ones that were in there were large and smooth.  So, no exfoliating happened at all no matter how harder I scrubbed.

It also dried my skin out a lot to the point where my cheeks were itchy.  I would never repurchase this or ever think it's worth a dollar.

Moisturizing Shower Gel

This one is probably my favorite of the group as far as the product goes.  I'm not too happy about the price of it.  A dollar for only 4oz of body wash is a lot.

That being said, the product is pretty great.  It is also mentholated which helps to wake you up and gives your skin a tingling sensation.  I will thoroughly enjoy using it up, but I probably won't repurchase unless I have a coupon.

Daily Foot & Heel Cream

When I think of heel cream, I think of a thick, rich, and emollient product.  It needs to be some serious stuff to really work on a person's heels.

This stuff is pretty thin.  It did okay for the less problem areas of my feet, but it didn't do anything for my heels at all.  It just wasn't thick enough or something.  I did use it in conjunction with a thicker product with some success.  It is a decent foot lotion, but it is definitely not a heel cream unless you already have perfect and soft foot model heels.

Shea Butter Body Lotion

This stuff is pretty good especially for the price point. It is moisturizing and absorbs very quickly.  It doesn't have much of a fragrance.  It is definitely one of the best lotions that I have picked up from the Dollar Tree.

I put it on the same level as the Suave Advanced Therapy that you can get for $1.00 on sale for 2oz.  So, this one is a winner for me. 

If I had to put them in order of how much I enjoyed them:
  1. Moisturizing Body Wash
  2. Shea Butter Body Lotion
  3. Facial Cleanser
  4. Daily Heel & Foot Lotion
  5. Gentle Facial Scrub

I would actually repurchase most of these if I was in the market for the product.  The only one I would never repurchase is the Gentle Facial Scrub.  I am also not happy with the price of the Moisturizing Body Wash despite it being my favorite of the bunch.  That is the same price per ounce of a Dove Body Wash at full retail (22oz for $5.97.)

Another thing that I wanted to mention about this product line that is fabulous is that they are paraben free.  I think that is just brilliant especially given the price point.   It makes you wonder why the higher priced brands continue to load their products with them when more and more paraben free options are popping up in bargain stores.  Food for thought. 



I am not a dermatologist, beautician, or anything of the sort.  I am a just a picky customer that likes to get her money's worth and is not afraid to share her opinion.

I bought everything with my own money.  Like I have said, I am not cool enough to be paid for this stuff.  Haha!

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