Walmart Clearance Haul: $1 Earrings and Super Cheap Shoes

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I again went to Walmart to check to see if they had marked down the Better Homes and Gardens candles from the holidays.  Nope, of course they hadn't.  But....

I did find some other awesome things including some jewelry clearanced down to a buck!  Whoohoo!

Haul video will also be up on my Youtube channel (Spake With Twang) at 12pm EST today.

Truck Seat Covers - on clearance - $21.00

These were originally $36.98.  I wish I could tell you the brand, shade, and such, but my dad took these and put them on just about as soon as we got home.  They were really easy to install, because they didn't have the weird elastics that you have to fasten under the seat.  He's had them in about a week and been loving them.

Tennis Shoes - on clearance - $7.00

These were originally marked $25-$30.  Whoohoo!  I got all men's tennis shoes.  (Curse of the big feet!)  They did have women's and children's as well.

I will say to make sure to try these on before you buy, because they ran small on me.  I had to buy them 2 sizes up from the Reeboks I was wearing in the store. 

Earrings - on clearance - $1.00

Most of these were originally $5.00.  Not much to say really.  I was there.  They were there. It was destiny for a costume jewelry earring addict like myself.  Haha!

Also, be sure to price check any you find.  A few of these were marked $3.00, but they still rung up $1.00.  There were a ton of necklaces, bracelets, and other things marked down as well.

It tided me over until I get the itch to order from Shop Miss A again.  :)

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