Dollar Tree Haul: White Rain Boutique Collection Reviews and More!

Friday, March 27, 2015

The clouds parted.  Light rays shone down.  The planets must have perfectly aligned as well, because I finally have a decent Dollar Tree haul.  Let's just take minute...

Seriously, though, my stores have been so bad since back before holidays.  They seem to finally be getting some new stuff.  So, let's just get right into it before my excitement makes me light clean off this chair.

Fiber Optic Suction Cup Butterflies and Dragonfly

What can I say?  These were pretty, multi-colored, and SHINY!  I had to have them.  They look so cool lit up at night.  I hope they last awhile. Though, it looks like you can open the bottom with a precision screwdriver and put another flat, circular battery in there.

Healthy Max Dog Treats

I had seen someone post about these treats on the Facebook Dollar Tree group.  She even took them to her vet, and the vet said they were good.  They are also made in the USA which is always surprising with Dollar Store products.  That's all fine and good, but my dog is picky.  So, it really comes down to if he would even eat them.

I have fed him a few of the Hip and Joint ones so far, and he seems to like them.  Victory!  Y'all don't even know how much of a pain he is with food and treats sometimes.  Haha!  The only thing I will say is that the pieces are quite small.  They are the same size as the Nutro treats or a little smaller than the Canine Carry Outs square treats.

Paw Print Container

I love these things!  I was so glad when I saw that Dollar Tree brought them back again for Spring.  They are just so cute and surprisingly functional.

Wood Craft Wood Wick Candles

Scents, left to right: Garden Violets, Paradise Spa, Crackling Fire, Vanilla Sugar

The scents are really strong on cold sniff.  I was pleasantly surprised.

So far, I've only burned Garden Violets.  The scent, after burning for 2 hours, only threw about 2 feet maximum.  I also had a lot of trouble keeping it from burning itself out.  It was fine the first 3 hours of burning, but then the flame became really weak.

It also does do a pitiful little crackling noise every once in awhile that is neat.  It did it pretty often when I first lit it, but it doesn't really do it anymore.

It does perform better than the Luminessence candles from Fall and Winter.  It's a great desk candle, but it wouldn't do for home fragrance purposes.

I will say that you seem to get a lot of burn time out of them.  I've had this one going for almost 10 hours, and it's only a third of the way gone.  The flame is really dinky and struggling.  So, that may be a factor as well.

UPDATE:  About 6 hours after I wrote this post, the flame came back to life, and it's crackling.  There isn't an improvement in the scent throw.  I have to be standing over it to smell it.

UPDATE #2: Started burning Paradise Spa and it has double the throw of the Garden Violets.  The throw is a bit soft, but it does feel up my whole 10x10 room back here.  I'm even a bet impressed.  Hmmm...

Pink Flower Wind Chime

I just thought this was so cute.  I don't think it would hold up to outdoor use, at least in my area.  I got it for an indoor window decoration so I didn't mind.  The metal is seriously thin!

White Rain Boutique Collection
  • Facial Cleanser & Make Up Remover:
    • I have used this one 4 times so far.  It has a clean, soapy smell.  The formula itself is clear and suds up mildly.  I don't have any complaints about it.  It's nothing spectacular, but it does the job.  I think out of all the Dollar Tree facial cleansers that I've used, this is the best one.  It's just nothing to turn flips over.  I also can't speak to the make-up removal aspect, because I don't wear it.
  • Moisturizing Shower Gel:
    • I have used this 3 times, and it has been quite an experience!  It is a clear formula and suds up very well, but it has an interesting effect.  As you start washing, it starts giving off a medicinal smell akin to Vicks Vapor Rub.  It was like my shower turned into a cough drop.  It wasn't unpleasant.  It was just unexpected.  It also gave a slight tingle effect on my skin.  I could see how that would be really great for an early morning shower.  It also left my skin feeling quite nice.  It's a winner.  Unfortunately, the amount of product, only 4oz, for the price isn't good, truth be told.
  • Shea Butter Body Lotion:
    • I have used this one 5 times so far.  I think it is pretty good for the price point.  It has a nice, clean lotion smell.  It absorbs pretty quickly.  I put it on the same level as the Suave lotions which are at about the same price per ounce.
  • Gentle Facial Scrub:  
    • I have used this one 3 times so far.  This is definitely, what I would call, the dud of the bunch.  It has very few exfoliating pieces, even for a daily scrub.  They are also very large and did practically nothing no matter how much I rubbed.  I even put it on my face liberally and let it set for 5 min before I started rubbing it.  It still did nothing to exfoliate.  It also left my skin pretty stripped of moisture to the point it become really itchy on the sides of my cheeks.  I will definitely never buy this one again. 
  • Daily Foot & Heal Cream:
    • I have used this one 5 times so far.  This one isn't bad, but it is definitely not a heel cream.  It does a fabulous job of moisturizing the more "human" parts of my feet, but it doesn't do much to my dry, cracking heels.  (In fact, I heard them laugh at it.)  The formula is pretty thin, but it did make the main parts of my feet very soft after I applied it and put cotton socks on.  I recommend using the Assured Cocoa Butter Jelly Lotion from Dollar Tree for the problem areas of your feet that need extra love, and then use this for the rest.  I've been doing it for a few nights, and it's been great.


LA Colors Color Craze - Sassy Sparkles
LA Colors Color Craze - Flurry
Milani - Fuchsia Fierce
Milani - Neon Dude Blue

No one is surprised that I bought polish.  I haven't worn any yet, and I haven't gotten my dang swatch sticks yet.  So, I can't speak to the formula and whatnot at this time.

Owl Lip Balms

I have been hunting for these for quite a bit for a friend mail package I am putting together.  I was so happy to find them in a random display at the very bottom of the checkout shelf.  They also had elephants, monkeys, and something else.  The owls were definitely the cutest!

Brillo Basics Erase & Wipe

These are okay.  I would rather have the scrubber and magic eraser separate.  I now know that I have a preference.  Haha!  One dollar each is not a good price for these.  If you use these a lot, I recommend looking on Amazon or something for bulk packages.

Mister Plumber

I used to use this way back when I moved into my first downtown apartment in the city.  (WAY back Haha!)  It seemed to work pretty well at the time.  So, I figured we would give this a shot before pursuing a more expensive one.

50pk 4 gallon Trash Bags

I really wish Big Lots would bring back their 250 packs for $1.50.  It was a way better deal.  Until then, I'll buy these.  It's getting harder and harder to find 4 gallon trash bags.

Stor It Cover-ups

These are a staple in our house.  They are basically little saran wrap bonnets to wrap over your leftovers before you put them in the fridge.  They are great.  I just wish they were sturdier so I could reuse them more.  I hate having that much waste.

LA's Totally Awesome Fabric Refresher in Extra Strength

I finally found this variety!  Everyone and their 2nd cousin has been telling me that this particular one is the one to buy.  Well, I will say that out of the 3 LA's Totally Awesome ones that I've purchased, this one is the best.  But...

It doesn't come anywhere near the name brand.  I went out and bought some of the name brand Febreze just to see if I was remembering it more fondly than it is in reality.  No, it's still awesome.  I sprayed it on my bed last night and it still smelled great this morning.

As for this one, I sprayed it on my bed and the scent lasted about an hour.  It was also quite faint.  I had to put my nose about a foot from it to smell it.  It did do way better than the others, though, by far.

Microfiber Dish Mat

These are not as thick as the ones you find for $3-$5 at Big Lots, Kmart, and other places.  They do the job pretty well.  I like that they fold up neatly.  You really can't beat it for a dollar.

The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits of Very Organized People.  Make That Ten.  The Tweets of Steve Martin

What better thing to read on the toilet than Steve Martin tweets?  He's a hilarious dude.

Other Kingdoms by Richard Matheson

This is a historical paranormal fantasy-type novel as best as I can tell.  So, I'm game.  :)

Couture Patterned Tape

I almost wish that I hadn't have bought this and took that money and bought washi tape instead.  This stuff, while pretty, is basically really cheap scotch tape that hardly sticks.  The patterns are very nice, though.

Assorted Pens

I am forever surprised at the selection of pens that the Dollar Tree gets.  Most of them are quite decent as well.  Just be careful.  I thought I was buying all multi-colored pens, and I ended up with one all black ink.  Still all good to me, but it can be hard to tell sometimes.

Sassy + Chic Manicure-Pedicure Tool Set

This set comes with a floral patterned file, clippers, and even a set of angled tweezers.  How cute!

Micro USB Cable

I have been impressed with the Dollar Tree electronics cables so far.  (Which is way more than I can say for the headphones...ugh)  I bought a micro-USB flat corded cable a few months ago, and it's still going strong.  I hadn't seen them at my stores for quite awhile.  So, I had to pick another up when I finally saw some.

Stickers, stickers, stickers!!!! :D

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