Nails of the Day: Revlon Artsy

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This is 2 coats of Revlon Artsy over Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Black Satin with a top coat taken outdoors.  (What a mouthful!)

I just love it!  I make legit dolphin noises when I look at this polish.  Eeee!

More info and pictures under the cut:

I also love the way it looks indoors.  It comes off as a really dark blue until the light hits it and...dark blue sparkly magic-ness!

So I got this polish at Kroger, yep the grocery store, on a random display about 2 months ago.  We take our polish where we can get it out in the boonies.  Ain't no Sephora, Ulta, or even a decent drugstore around these parts!  Haha!

It was love at first site.  It wasn't even on sale, and I STILL had to have it.  (Thankfully, I had a $1 off Revlon coupon, but still.)

So, let's do a little review, shall we?

I just can't stay away from this polish for long.  I wore it over Revlon Top Speed Royal last time (dark blue).  So, I thought I would try it over black this time. 

I do think that it looks so much better with an undie (solid polish underneath.)  I wore with 3-4 coats on its own the first time.  While it was pretty opaque, it came off very chunky and not as appealing to me.  Over a dark blue or black, it just becomes gorgeous!


It has the typical long skinny brush that comes with the other Revlon polishes from the regular line. 


I didn't have to fish for any glitter or turn the bottle all sort of ways to get any on my brush.  The only annoying thing was some of the bigger glitters would try to stick up or be hanging off the end of my nail if I wasn't careful.  Overall, one of the easiest glitter polishes that I own to apply.

Dry Time

Fast.  I was shocked, because some of the Revlon polishes that I have take an eternity.  This one barely took more than a minute.  Whoohoo!

Wear and Chip Resistance

This polish is slightly chunky, or not smooth, even with a top coat because of the large hex glitters.  This shortens the time to when it starts chipping quite a bit, especially if you get one of the large glitters near the tip of the nail.

It happened to me today.  I already have a big chip on the tip of my left thumb, because of a large glitter flaking off at the tip.  I can't be bothered to change it yet.  The rest of them still look magical.  Haha!

The most I've gotten out of it was 4 days which is short for me.  I usually always get at least a week to 10 days if I do my proper base and top coats and the whole bit.  I think it is pretty much the same as other chunky glitter polishes: no better no worse.

Final Thoughts

I've been obsessed with this one since I bought it.  It makes no sense.  I have other polishes with better formulas and just as much glitter, yet I still keep going back to this one.  I think I'll actually use this one up to the bottom.  Revlon, you got me good.

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