Nails of the Day: Broadway Nails in Easter Annie

Monday, February 2, 2015

This is 2 coats of Easter Annie under a day light bulb.  It is slightly warmer toned and more vibrant in person.

More info and review under the cut:

I had never tried a polish by Broadway Nails before, so I thought I would give one a go when I finally came across some at my local Dollar General for $1.00.

I don't think price often means much when it comes to nail polish.  I've had $1 polishes out perform $10 ones.  I've also had many cases of the opposite as well.

First Impression

First off, the smell of this polish is atrocious.  It doesn't smell like nail polish.  It smells more like home enamel paint that you buy by the gallon at Walmart.  (I have a lot of experience with that stuff.)  It also smells just like the counterfeit OPIs if you are familiar with those.


The brush is a medium sized brush.  The bristles are very nice.  Nothing spectacular, but nothing which which to find fault.


Despite the smell, this stuff was a dream to apply.  I was shocked, because I wasn't expecting much at all.  I could have probably gotten away with one coat if I had shorter nails.  It wasn't streaky at all.  It just glided on the nail.

Dry Time

It took a very long time to dry.  I know that it isn't a fast dry polish, but I had to wait at least 5-7min between coats.  I would say it took even a little bit longer than the Revlon Colorstay polishes to dry.  Thank goodness for fast dry top coats.

Next time I wear this, I am going to do the thinnest coats possible.

Wear And Chip Resistance

As I type this, I am on day 3 of wear.    So far, not one chip or even any tip wear.  I did put one layer of a quick dry top coat on top.

I just update this again when I go to switch it out.  So far, I am super impressed with it.

Final Thoughts

I am fairly impressed with this polish.  It looks wonderful on the nail and applies like a dream.

I probably wouldn't buy anymore, though, unless it was just a color I had to have.  The horrible smell and slow dry time greatly deter me from running back to the store and buying them in every color.

I will, however, check the display every time I see one to check for new and exciting colors.

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