Dollar Tree Haul: Odds and Ends

Friday, February 27, 2015

These are a few things that I picked up a couple weeks ago before being snowed in.  Cabin fever is fierce, y'all.

I was happy to find anything at Dollar Tree.  I've yet to see anything new or interesting since the holidays.  I guess my Dollar Trees only get the leftovers.  Haha!  (Haul Video will also be up on my Youtube channel.)

Enough of of that, on to the stuff!

Small Notebook with Elastic Closure

I just thought this little thing was too cute to pass up since I mow through notebooks like crazy.  The paper inside is the typical cheap and thin notebook paper instead of stationary paper.  Still happy with it.

Fashion Pens 3 pack

These are so pretty!  They are in a black, white, and red color theme with roses, Paris motifs, and pretty filigrees.  I picked these up for a friend mail package that I gather as I can.  I think she will really like them. 

Fashion Memo Pads 4 pk

I bought this pack for the phone and typewriter pattern one since you couldn't see but 2 of the designs in the pack.  Luckily, I love the paisley and the eyeglasses one, too.  I could do without the peace sign one, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad at all.  The paper isn't nice quality and the cardboard backing is super thin.  I am happy for a quarter a piece.

April Anti-Bacterial Hand Lotions 3 pack

I saw these and decided to pick them up, because I figured they would be like hand sanitizer but less drying.  I should have known better than to pick up an April product, though.  I have never found a product from that brand that I have liked.

I put the Vanilla Brown Sugar one on my hands, and it smells FOUL!  That is not vanilla at all.  That is like my cat took a dump on some burnt sugar and dropped some cheap alcohol-y vanilla extract on it.  No, thank you!

I will say that it didn't dry my hands out, and it evaporated/absorbed rather quickly.  The scents are just horrid.  Thankfully, it does completely dissipate in about a minute.  Blech!

Assured Creamy Cocoa Butter Skin Softener

This is my all time favorite Dollar Tree brand health and beauty product.  I use it on my feet and it has worked wonders.  It also smells like a chocolate bar.  Absolutely amazing!

Just be aware that most store put it in the baby section instead of the health and beauty aisle.  I still have no idea why.

LA's Totally Awesome Fabric Refresher

This is a really big bottle for $1.00.  I usually make my own febreze, but I couldn't passing up trying this one on the off chance that it was really good.

This one is in Crisp Linen scent.  I must say that I am not impressed with it so far.  I have used it about 5 times on my mattress, a couple chairs, and a few throw pillows.  The scent is very weak and fades very quickly.

One of my lovely subscribers on Youtube told me that the one with the yellow label (don't know the scent name) works extremely well.  So, I will definitely pick it up if I see it next time I'm able to leave the house and the snow is melted.

Various Novels That Were New to My Stores

I am always surprised when I see non-political or religious books at my Dollar Tree.  We usually get all the crappy leftovers that no one would ever buy.

Oh course I picked up all thrillers. 

Here are the amazon pages for each book if you are curious:

Judgment and Wrath (Joe Hunter Novels)*

Innocent Victims: Two Novellas*

The Helios Conspiracy*

They have pretty good ratings.

Maybelline Color Show in Wine and Dined

This one is very gorgeous in the bottle.  (Not that my crappy camera can show you that.)

Unfortunately, it is quite sheer.  To achieve opacity on its own, you would need at least 5 coats.  So, do be aware that you will probably have to wear it over a solid color if you buy it.

Plastic Storage Basket

Holy color balance Batman!  That blue just made my camera bring out all the orange to compensate.  Haha!  I'm going to use this to house my in use skin care.  Yep, I have a lot.

I actually went in wanting those really pretty ones with the flowers that everyone has been hauling, but alas this one will have to do. 



* - Denotes a referral link.  Seriously though, don't buy these on Amazon anyway if they are one dollar at Dollar Tree.  Think of all the other items at Dollar Tree you could buy with the price difference.  Haha!  :D

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