Walmart Haul: $.20 Wax Melts and More

Friday, January 23, 2015

Yes, I went to Walmart.  Yes, it was traumatizing.  I found great deals, though.  Worth it!

Regular Priced Merchandise
Better Homes and Garden 13oz Candle (Warm Autumn Sweater) - $3.97

Better Homes and Garden 6pk Wax Melts (Warm Autumn Sweater) - $2.00

Kiwi Black Shoe Polish 2.5oz - $4.96

Kiwi Saddle Soap 3-1/8oz - $4.96

Clearance Merchandise
719 Walnut Avenue Candle (Peppermint Mocha) - $3.97

Glade 6pk Wax Melts (Hot Cocoa and Mint) - $1.50
 - used: $1/1 wax melt printable
Price: $.50

Airwick twin pack scented oil refill (Evergreen Adventure) - $2.44
 - used: $1/1 newspaper coupon (1/18 SS)
Price: $1.44

Airwick Good to be Home Candle (Evergreen Adventure) - $2.44
 - used: $1/1 walmart printable
Price: $1.44

90% off Wax Melts for $.20ea

These were the particular scents that were ringing up 90% off at this particular Walmart.  There have been people hauling even more that were still regular priced at my store.  Be sure to price check.  I found these in the center aisle wax bin (only 1 of 3 Walmarts in my area have this) and I dug through it for quite awhile.

Here's the scents that I was able to find:

Winter Ski Resort
Christmas Morning Latte
Frosty Winter Nights
Twinkling Holiday Lights
Snowy Winter Woods


If you are as obsessed with Bath and Body Works' Sweater Weather as I am, check out the Better Homes Warm Autumn Sweater next time you go in there.  Dead on dupe to my unsophisticated sniffer.  Also, the Frosty Winter Nights is basically Sweater Weather with a spearmint note thrown in.  Divine!

Also, I found out yesterday that the shoe polish is $1 cheaper at Kmart.  Grrr!

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