Dollar Tree Haul

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I feel like it has been forever since I've had a Dollar Tree haul!

This is the stuff I picked up in the first half of November.

I found some cute stuff for the fur babies!

Ceramic Pet Bowls (Blue pattern and zebra)

I saw these heavy pet bowls and had to pick them up.  I got a large one and a small one in each of these patterns.  They are much harder for the cats to scoot around. 

I will say that you might want to check the patterns, though.  A lot of them were crooked or half gone.

Toy Mice 3 pack

I had received a pack of these in a friend mail package, and my cat went nuts over them.  So, naturally I had to pick up some more.

Paw Print Storage Container

Oh, how I have searched for this thing!  It is so cute, but it is also very functional.  I have it filled to the brim with chewy dog snacks now.  Yay!

Now, for some people food!

Skulls and Bones Candy - on clearance - $0.50

These are kind of like hard sweet tarts.  So good!

Cinnamon Sticks 4oz

I have been searching for these for weeks to do some holiday crafts.  I am so happy to have found them, but now I can't remember what craft I had wanted to do.  Ha!

Sugar in the Raw 25pk

We meet again my dear raw sugar packets.

Pasta Bowls (Progresso and Betty Crocker)

I haven't tried the Betty Crocker one yet, but I really like the Progresso ones.  I have seen a lot of people say that they don't like them.  So, I guess more for me.  Yum!

I got a few health and beauty items as well:

Nola Honey Almond Shower Gel and Lemon Verbena Hand Soap

Oh my goodness, people have been hauling these for weeks on end and singing their praises.  So, I had to pick a couple up when I finally spotted some around here. 

So far, I have used the Lemon Verbena hand soap, and it isn't anything special.  It kind of smells like Pledge furniture polish, too.  The price was great for the amount of product, though.  The packaging is also very pretty.

Cotton Swabs 250ct

I really hope these don't suck like the cotton rounds do.

Skin Nutritions Facial System (Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer)

This is another one of those things that people have been giving crazy good reviews on for a long time.  I had never seen them at my store until now.  So, I had to pick them up.

I admit that I am a total skin care snob, but I'm they are as good as everyone says they are.  I really hope the toner good, because it's only a buck.  We shall see.  I hope to do a review on youtube of them.

Let's get crafty!

Jingle Bells (large 9pk and small 50pk)

Yep, I bought something holiday related.  I just couldn't pass up those giant bells.

Raffia 3pk ribbon eggs

I bought these to make some gift bows in a future youtube video.  Hopefully, it works out as good as I am seeing it in my head. 

Washi Tape in Holiday designs

My wallet can't take much more of this Dollar Tree!  They did have other patterns, but I just couldn't justify buying them all.  I am mowing through it lately putting packages together, though.

Duck Tape EZ Start tape

I actually did need one of these EZ Start dispensers, and they were like $3 at the other store.  So, I got one for a buck and fancy tape.  Oh yeah!

I also got some electronic-type stuff:

Rock and Roll Head Phones

Stocking stuffer for some young members of my family. 

USB cable (regular to mini)

I needed one of these and was tickled to death to find it for a buck.  I was ready to pay $3-4 somewhere else.  I hope it works well.

Sunbeam AA alkaline 4pk batteries

I needed batteries, and there were no deals anywhere else.  These will suffice.

Fashion Batteries

Yes!  I found some more crappy batteries adorned with animal print.  I am over the moon for this random unnecessary purchase. 

I did actually use the other pack I had, though.  I used them in the LED light strand from DT.  They have clear battery boxes, and it looks so neat.

Jeweled fashion headphones

I just thought that these were so pretty and classy looking.  They are just absolutely perfect for friend mails and stocking stuffers.

And just a few other random things:

Cynthia Rowley Band Aids

I swear!  I wish I had never bought these.  I never need band aids or anything, but the moment I bought these that changed.  I got like 10 cuts and scraped my hand and went through half of the box.  Dang cursed pretty bandages.

Home Store Collapsible Storage Bins

I have hauled ones like these before.  I have all of those filled.  So, I needed some more.

Cute Little Penguin!

This crookedly sewn and pitiful guy just had to come home with me.  Look at him!  He's adorable. 

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