Dollar Tree Haul: A Quick, Little One

Friday, October 3, 2014

Not the biggest or most exciting haul, but I wanted to go ahead and make a post so I could put this crap up.  Haha!

Let's get started with some beauty stuff:

Dazzling White Teeth Whitening Pen

So confession time:  I don't have very white teeth.  I drink coffee by the bucket and tea any time I can. So, you can imagine the stains. 

(Not that I care very much.  I find the white teeth obsession very odd and the product of clever subliminal messaging through ads...but that would bring me back to when I studied marketing in college and just no.  haha!  Marketing is very powerful though.)

I thought I would try it out.  I've seen a lot of good reviews, as well as, bad reviews.  For a dollar, I'll risk it.  Hopefully, it won't damage my enamel or anything.

LA Colors Polish Remover Pads

This is another one of those things that has reviews on polar opposite ends of the spectrum. 

I hope this works well, but I'm quite doubtful.

Sassy + Chic Nail Art Pen

I found another one of these in a different color.  Some day, I will have a spare minute and be able to try them out.  Someday...

Various Nail Strips and Stickers

None of these are "never seen before" DT items, but I thought I would pick up a few to have on hand.  I am not usually that big into nail strips because the cost per mani is way way way higher than that of nail polish, but they are nice when you are in a hurry or traveling.

On to some other stuff!

Small Notebook

This notebook (and the ones with similar square designs) is such good quality.  The paper inside is not your typical notebook paper.  It is actually matte finish stationary paper.

Every time I spot one, I grab it.  I have been mowing through these.

Can and Bottle Opener

We needed one of these.  Nothing exciting.  Though, it does have a magnetic so you can stick it to the fridge.  :)

Cotton Rounds - 80pk

This needs no explanation.  Awesome deal!

Imperial Nuts - Energy Blend

I was so happy to find these!  Most of the nut mixes at DT say "may contain coconut," so I can't eat them!  (RAGE!  DESPAIR!) 

These don't though!  And they are delicious!

Sugar in the Raw - 25 pkts

This is the best deal that you are going to find on large granular sugar besides an awesome coupon deal.  Yum!

Moving on!

Sewing Kit

I picked up one of these in pink in my last haul.  It is just such an awesome deal on hand sewing supplies that I picked one up in black for my dad.

Funnel - 3pk

This made me so happy!  I have been needing a funnel to use when I make my own homemade detergents and cleaners. 

When I picked it up, two more funnels fell out.  SURPRISE 3 PACK!  Yes!  I was just tickled to death.  I seriously squealed in the store.  (Don't judge was the highlight of my week.)

Glue Dots

I have been seeing people get these for ages.  Everyone says they are awesome.  We shall see.

Pink Tumbler

I was never into tumblers, but I keep seeing people using them.  So, being the brainwash victim that I am, I had to pick up this cute pink one.  (And I love it and will never be tumbler-less again!)

A just a couple more things!

Wood Shop Toys

I saw these craft toy kits and just had to pick up some for the nieces and nephews. 

It comes with the wood pieces, glue, rubber bands, and instructions.  My store a few designs: airplane, car, helicopter, and a boat.  I just thought they were NEAT!

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