Dollar Tree Haul: Even More Solar Dancers

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I was out in a different town.  So, that meant a different Dollar Tree was there to explore.

Let's just get to the best things first!

Flower Solar Dancers

I haven't seen these before.  Are they new or old?  I'm so confused, because Dollar Tree just rolled out the Halloween ones.

I'm not complaining though.  I'll take these little dancing things all day long.  I have a crap load of windows.  So, keep them coming Dollar Tree.

Next, I got some more office, stationary, and craft stuff:

Laser Tape - 4pk

This just looks plain useful for Christmas. 

Washi Tape (Lace and Christmas Design)

Black Lace and Gingerbread Men....wait!

That sounds like the title of a holiday themed romance novel.  I'm already imagining the cover.

Skull Notebook

This cover just looks so awesome.  I am joining in the love for the skull motif, but the notebook and paper itself is pretty crap quality.

Studded Sparkly Pen

It is a rhinestone studded pen in pink and white with a jewel on the clicker top.  Y'all really think I could have passed that up?

Mustache Memo Pads

These are pretty flimsy and overall bad quality.  I got suckered in by the super cute covers.  Curses!

Mod Podge - Gloss

I only picked up matte last time.  So, I picked up a couple gloss.

Onward, to food!

Dry Roasted Peanuts (7.5oz)

Tropical Trail Mix

My dad mows through this stuff.  I can't eat it.  It contains coconut.  :(

Sugar in the Raw (25 pkt)

Veggie Stix

I was so happy that they had more of these.  They are so yummy!

Ice Cream Scoop

I know that it's not ice cream weather, but this thing was cool.  It is squishy on the back.  It is hot pink, too!  Yes!

Old El Paso Rice Bowl (Cheesy Nacho & Chipotle Black Bean & Corn)
Progresso Pasta Bowls (Marinara & Garlic Parmesan)

All of these are so good!  Seriously, they are good!  Yum!

I will say that the Chipotle is a bit hot.  So be aware of that, but otherwise...YES!!!

Just a couple misc things:

Fashion Head Phones

I don't know about the quality of these yet, but I'm going to use them as my workout headphones.  For a buck, I don't care if I sweat on them and ruin them.


I go through a lot of lanyards.  Such is my life.  :)

Pet Bowls

I had never seen the very large bowls at my Dollar Trees before.  I had to pick a couple up.  My pets are death on bowls.

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