Dollar Tree Haul: Even More Solar Dancers

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I was out in a different town.  So, that meant a different Dollar Tree was there to explore.

Let's just get to the best things first!

Flower Solar Dancers

I haven't seen these before.  Are they new or old?  I'm so confused, because Dollar Tree just rolled out the Halloween ones.

I'm not complaining though.  I'll take these little dancing things all day long.  I have a crap load of windows.  So, keep them coming Dollar Tree.

Next, I got some more office, stationary, and craft stuff:

Laser Tape - 4pk

This just looks plain useful for Christmas. 

Washi Tape (Lace and Christmas Design)

Black Lace and Gingerbread Men....wait!

That sounds like the title of a holiday themed romance novel.  I'm already imagining the cover.

Skull Notebook

This cover just looks so awesome.  I am joining in the love for the skull motif, but the notebook and paper itself is pretty crap quality.

Studded Sparkly Pen

It is a rhinestone studded pen in pink and white with a jewel on the clicker top.  Y'all really think I could have passed that up?

Mustache Memo Pads

These are pretty flimsy and overall bad quality.  I got suckered in by the super cute covers.  Curses!

Mod Podge - Gloss

I only picked up matte last time.  So, I picked up a couple gloss.

Onward, to food!

Dry Roasted Peanuts (7.5oz)

Tropical Trail Mix

My dad mows through this stuff.  I can't eat it.  It contains coconut.  :(

Sugar in the Raw (25 pkt)

Veggie Stix

I was so happy that they had more of these.  They are so yummy!

Ice Cream Scoop

I know that it's not ice cream weather, but this thing was cool.  It is squishy on the back.  It is hot pink, too!  Yes!

Old El Paso Rice Bowl (Cheesy Nacho & Chipotle Black Bean & Corn)
Progresso Pasta Bowls (Marinara & Garlic Parmesan)

All of these are so good!  Seriously, they are good!  Yum!

I will say that the Chipotle is a bit hot.  So be aware of that, but otherwise...YES!!!

Just a couple misc things:

Fashion Head Phones

I don't know about the quality of these yet, but I'm going to use them as my workout headphones.  For a buck, I don't care if I sweat on them and ruin them.


I go through a lot of lanyards.  Such is my life.  :)

Pet Bowls

I had never seen the very large bowls at my Dollar Trees before.  I had to pick a couple up.  My pets are death on bowls.

Massive Dollar Tree Haul: Gartner Business Kit and More

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Okay so, this is a collective haul over several trips and 2 different stores.  Things just pile up when you don't have time to take pictures or shoot videos.  (This is what a DT addiction looks like, people. Haha!)

Let's get to the stuff!

Let's just start off with my best DT find yet!

Gartner Business Kit

OMG y'all!  I cannot believe I found this!  None of my stores have had any Gartner stuff.  Nothing.  Then, I found this (and its twin) tucked into a corner in the school section.  Oh yes!

This exact set is on sale at Office Depot for $19.99.  Score!

Paper Label Packs (white and kraft paper)

These are so pretty and very good quality.  They don't look like they come from the Dollar Tree at all.  DT has really been stepping up in the stationary department lately. 

Notebooks and Journals

I just thought that these were adorable.  At the rate I've been mowing through journals, these should be in use very soon.  Yay!

Novelty Duct Tape

What's better than patterned duct tape?  Well...cute patterned duct tape for only a buck.  Yes!

Washi Tape

I found a couple new patterns that I had to grab.  That Paris one is divine! 

Owl Stickers

These are so adorable and you get close to 100 per pack. 

Shiny Stickers :D

Owls and skulls?!  Oh DT, you spoil me yet again! 

Holiday Duct Tape

I am resisting the holiday spirit for the moment.  I honestly used to be a holiday nut.  I would decorate like crazy, wear santa hats, and the whole deal.  That all changed when I started working retail.  When I see holiday product displays, all I can think is that the awful customers are coming.  Seriously, people lose their minds around the holidays.  But...that's another story for another day.

Even with that, I couldn't resist this duct tape.  It is perfect for mailing holiday packages.

Halloween Solar Dancers

YES!  I found them!  I am seriously getting obsessed with these solar dancers from DT.  I want them all!

Jack O' Lantern LED Lights

You get ten lights on a single strand that runs on 2 AA batteries.  I thought they were neat.  I love them!

Witch Hat Hair Clips

I just thought that these were so fun!  I actually wore 2 in my hair, one on each side, like horns.  (Muahhahah! lol)

Forelli Hazelnut Spread

I had bought this before in a tub.  It is pretty good.  Not as good as Nutella, but very close.  For a dollar, I will forgive.  Yum!

Garlic Cloves in Brine

I needed some garlic.  So, I picked this up.  I'm kind of weary, because it is from China.  I'm always hesitant with any produce or meat item that has to travel that far.  (Don't get me started on some scary meat stories.)  We shall see how this does.

Veggie Stix

As you can see the bag is empty, because these are awesome!  Seriously, these are my new favorite DT snack food.  Non-GMO, all natural, and low sodium!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Spray Hand Sanitizer

I got these to try a nail tutorial that I had seen months ago.  A youtuber (can't remember who exactly at the moment) did a water marble and spray this on top.  It left really neat small voids.  I had never seen the spray here in the States before, so I grabbed it.

Lisa Frank Hair Set

Rainbow and cheetah print, I can't wait to rock it!  Yes, me.  :)

Im Active No-Slip Hair Bands

I have such hair band rage.  I have yet to find one that actually stays on my head.  They always slide off within seconds.  These have little grippers.  So, I have some hope.

Kiss Nail Stripers

These were new at my store.  I don't really have any stripers in my collection.  So, I thought I would give them a try.

Sassy + Chic Nail Stickers

I finally found a pattern of these that I like!  My store never carries any of the cute ones.  I'm anxious to see how well these work.

LA Colors Polish Remover Wipes

I just wanted to try these.  I have seen reviews on polar opposite sides.  I hope they work and aren't totally crap.

LA Colors Nail Lacquer in Amethyst
LA Colors Color Craze in Lost Soul

I hadn't seen these at my store before.  I think that they are older ones that they found in the back and brought up.  I cannot wait to wear Lost Soul.  Just...eeeee!

Nail Art Glitter, Studs, Rhinestones, and Beads 4pk

They had a new display full of these 4 pk of nail art pots.  I don't really have any in my collection.  So, this is a great price to get started.  I got one of each of the 4 kinds.  They aren't really fall colors, but these things don't expire.  (Don't even get me started on expiration dates!  Haha!)

Dust Plug

I can't believe I paid a dollar for this.  I blame it on the cute.  It is a little plug that goes in your empty headphone jack and looks like a stinkin' cute grapefruit.  Just...I don't even know.

Screen Cleaning Wipes 20pk

I've seen people talk about these for a long while, but they had never been in stock at my stores.  Truth be told, I'll probably use them to clean my glasses more than my phone.  (My glasses are somehow always filthy.)

House Shoes

I needed some house shoes, but it is the wrong season for deals.  Seriously, it is so hard to find a pair for under 5 bucks.  For a dollar, I will be happy if these last for a month.  Oh kudos to DT for having them in my giant foot size.  :D

Tote Bag

Oh, this tote bag...  It was so pretty on the shelf.  It spoke to me.  BUT...

I didn't even make it to the truck before the strap broke.  Really?!  The straps are made out of the same material as the bag.  They are sewn poorly.  Just no...wasted my dollar.


What can I say?  I go through lanyards like crazy.  I wanted a more muted one and then a shiny and sparkly pink one.  (Couldn't be more fitting for me if I had tried.)

It's good to note, though, that the pink one is not glitter.  So, you will not turn into a human ornament while wearing it.  Seriously, I was rubbing that thing like I was trying to start a fire in the store.  Nothing came off.

Nails of The Day: Colormates Oz

Friday, October 3, 2014

I saw someone haul this polish on youtube and wanted to give it a try.

Base ColorColormates OZ

This was a one coater.  It went on smoothly and dries fast.  Unfortunately, it starting chipping off really badly the next day, and it stained my nails horribly.

Accent TopperFormula X by Sephora Psycho

This creates a neat effect when you can get it to cooperate.  It is very chunky and you really have fish for it in the bottle. 

Dollar Tree Haul: A Quick, Little One

Not the biggest or most exciting haul, but I wanted to go ahead and make a post so I could put this crap up.  Haha!

Let's get started with some beauty stuff:

Dazzling White Teeth Whitening Pen

So confession time:  I don't have very white teeth.  I drink coffee by the bucket and tea any time I can. So, you can imagine the stains. 

(Not that I care very much.  I find the white teeth obsession very odd and the product of clever subliminal messaging through ads...but that would bring me back to when I studied marketing in college and just no.  haha!  Marketing is very powerful though.)

I thought I would try it out.  I've seen a lot of good reviews, as well as, bad reviews.  For a dollar, I'll risk it.  Hopefully, it won't damage my enamel or anything.

LA Colors Polish Remover Pads

This is another one of those things that has reviews on polar opposite ends of the spectrum. 

I hope this works well, but I'm quite doubtful.

Sassy + Chic Nail Art Pen

I found another one of these in a different color.  Some day, I will have a spare minute and be able to try them out.  Someday...

Various Nail Strips and Stickers

None of these are "never seen before" DT items, but I thought I would pick up a few to have on hand.  I am not usually that big into nail strips because the cost per mani is way way way higher than that of nail polish, but they are nice when you are in a hurry or traveling.

On to some other stuff!

Small Notebook

This notebook (and the ones with similar square designs) is such good quality.  The paper inside is not your typical notebook paper.  It is actually matte finish stationary paper.

Every time I spot one, I grab it.  I have been mowing through these.

Can and Bottle Opener

We needed one of these.  Nothing exciting.  Though, it does have a magnetic so you can stick it to the fridge.  :)

Cotton Rounds - 80pk

This needs no explanation.  Awesome deal!

Imperial Nuts - Energy Blend

I was so happy to find these!  Most of the nut mixes at DT say "may contain coconut," so I can't eat them!  (RAGE!  DESPAIR!) 

These don't though!  And they are delicious!

Sugar in the Raw - 25 pkts

This is the best deal that you are going to find on large granular sugar besides an awesome coupon deal.  Yum!

Moving on!

Sewing Kit

I picked up one of these in pink in my last haul.  It is just such an awesome deal on hand sewing supplies that I picked one up in black for my dad.

Funnel - 3pk

This made me so happy!  I have been needing a funnel to use when I make my own homemade detergents and cleaners. 

When I picked it up, two more funnels fell out.  SURPRISE 3 PACK!  Yes!  I was just tickled to death.  I seriously squealed in the store.  (Don't judge was the highlight of my week.)

Glue Dots

I have been seeing people get these for ages.  Everyone says they are awesome.  We shall see.

Pink Tumbler

I was never into tumblers, but I keep seeing people using them.  So, being the brainwash victim that I am, I had to pick up this cute pink one.  (And I love it and will never be tumbler-less again!)

A just a couple more things!

Wood Shop Toys

I saw these craft toy kits and just had to pick up some for the nieces and nephews. 

It comes with the wood pieces, glue, rubber bands, and instructions.  My store a few designs: airplane, car, helicopter, and a boat.  I just thought they were NEAT!
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