Dollar Tree Haul - Seasonal, Nail Polish, and More

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's that time yet again!!!

More pics, details, and even more below!!!

Let's get this started right with some seasonal crap!  :D

Giant Googly Eyes

These glow in the dark too!  The possibilities are endless! 

(Let's be real.  I'll probably stick these on the fridge and give it a name.  Then, use it as a corny joke until no one in the house can take it.  Muahahahahah!!!!!)

Ribbon (3 yds each)

I usually stay far away from seasonal patterns, because I feel that lose value when you can only use them at certain times during the year.  I like these though.  I think they could be holiday or any time. 

Solar Dancers!!!

I saw Trisha Fernandes (Her Channel) haul these on youtube, and I knew that I would find them and make them mine! She also just told me that they are supposed to be coming out with Halloween themed ones soon.  YES!

I could watch these scarecrows boogie all day.  Oh yeah!

Also, the flowers come in 3 different colored pots: yellow, red, and purple.

Luminessence Mason Jar Candles

Harvest Seasonal Spice, Sugar Cookie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie

I have been seeing people haul these all over youtube.  So, I thought I'd try them out.

They seem to be heavily fragranced.   I just hope they have a good burning time, scent throw, and all that.

Hand Sanitizers

Cherry Vanilla, Cucumber Melon

Dollar Tree just keeps getting better and better hand sanitizers in.   These are too cute!  And y'all know that I'll be repurposing the caribiners too. 

Hairbands (4pk)

I actually meant to include these in the stationary stuff picture, because that's what I use these for.  I use them to put around notebooks and novels that I carry in my purse to help keep them together and not get bent.

They are almost identical to the book bands you see at book store for WAY more.  (They are actually identical to the one I paid way too much for from the crazily overpriced Erin Condren, just without the logo.  Still miffed about that.) 

Lip Smacker

I picked these up for gifts.  One is a regular stick (vanilla flavor) and the other is a liquid which I thought was interesting.  Dollar Tree is also killing it with chapsticks and lip balms lately.

Owl Manicure Sets

I have been searching for these for weeks!  They are finally mine, YES!

The pouch itself is a little owl and there's a lot of stuff in it: tweezers, nail clippers, scissors, and a metal file.

LA Colors Color Craze Polishes

In above picture order:

Nuclear Energy
Sky High
Energy Source

I actually had time to look through the display.  That's always dangerous.  haha  I can't wait to try out the ones with the iridescent micro glitters.  Eeeee!

Bird Pen

I am so happy to find this little guy.  (I've named him Bert.  His fav color is pink.  No regrets!) 

I used to love pens like this when I was in school, and I just love the looks from people that I get when I use it.  :D

Monthly Planner

Maybe the sad kitty on the front will motivate me to keep my schedules and what not.  Motivate me, sad kitty!

Mini Notebook

I just thought this notebook was so pretty.  So, I got it.  That's all.  :)

Stor It Cover-Ups

These are awesome.  They are little saran wrap covers that stretch over bowls for left overs, you get 20 for a buck.  Whoohoo!

Scotch Tape

Duct tape.  Cup Cakes.  It needs no other words.

Garbage Bags (4gal, 50pk)

Good price.  Not exciting.  Moving on...

Sugar in the Raw (25pk)

I was so happy to find this, because I just ran out of the Florida Crystals organic sugar that I always use.  I hope these are just as good, because they are cheap, cheap, cheap.

Brach's 1lb Party Mix

I bought 4 of these for my dad.  He loves party mix, but I've been having to Frankenstein my own from several candies at the ol' DT.  So, I was beyond elated (see, I didn't say happy) to find this.

Cat Collars

Once upon a time, when I was young and dumb (as opposed to old and dumb now), I bought fancy collars for my furry babies.  I have since figured out that they tear them up at the same rate as these $1 ones.  Lesson learned.  Wallet saved.

Link to my video of this haul:

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