Dollar Tree Haul: A Little Bit of Everything

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

After being sick all last week, a trip to the Dollar Tree was in order.  Whoohoo!

Pictures, descriptions, and even more below:

First, I got some pet stuff:

Pet Wipes - 25ct

I just so hope these work as good as the more expensive ones.  I just don't have the heart to put my cat through the stress of a water bath again.

Cat Bowls

These are too cute. I didn't even know that dollar tree had pet bowls like this.

So far, the cats are loving them.  They are shallow enough that the cats actually eat all the food before begging.  Instead of the usual eating of just the middle part of the food.

Next, I got some household stuff:

Coffee Creamer in French Vanilla

This stuff is good.  I've bought it before, but...

The container is half empty when you buy it.  It's just cheaper to buy the quart size of the Kroger brand for like $2.50.  Seriously, it's half empty.  I hate it when products are like that.  RAGE!  :)

Ice Pop Maker (makes 4)

I got these to try out this ice facial idea that I saw on youtube.  I don't know if it will work or not.

Worse case scenario: delicious popsicles instead of cold facials

Plastic Clothes Lines with Hook

I bought this to rig a backdrop for my youtube videos.  I ended up finding and using something else in the end.  But...things like this are useful.  So, no complaints.

Cleaning Towels 2 pack

Does anything more really need to be said?  These are fabulous!

Storage Containers (Gallon, 3/4 Gallon, 1/2 Gallon)

I bought 2 of each of these.  Seriously, where else can you find these for a buck?!  I will probably go back and get a few more, because we got a lot of dry beans in this house.  Mmmm...beans.

Oh and they are made in the USA and BPA free.  Just putting that out there.

Emergency Phone Chargers

I had been looking for these after I saw a bunch of other people haul them.  You put a couple of AA batteries in there and connect your phone via USB.

Supposedly, it will charge your phone for an hour of operation.  Just a handy thing to have.

Heavy Duty Shop Wipes

I had bought my dad a pack of these awhile back.  He finally got around to using them, and he absolutely loved them.  He said that they were thick, saturated, and worked very well.

So, being afraid that they will disappear as so many other DT products do, I picked up a few packs for him.

Alright, now some office and stationary stuff:

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Mailer

I have a giveaway coming up on my youtube channel.  So, I thought that these would be useful.

Alphabet Stickers

This set actually includes the whole alphabet.  Yay!

Calendar Notepad

This was too cute to pass up.  I am obsessed with pink and tea.  It was destiny!

Animal Erasers 4pk

I thought these were super cute and picked them up for my giveaway.

Speech Bubble Stickers

I can't wait to play around with these.  I think that I am going to take pics of my family members and pets and have them saying dumb things. 

Now, on to health and beauty:

Soft lips 2pk

I used to use this brand a lot in high school (many many years ago).  I remember really liking it.  So, 2 for one buck.  Yes!

Lip Smacker Princess Aurora Lip Sugar

I picked this up for my giveaway upcoming on youtube.  It's just so oversized and cute.

Aquafina Lip Balm Cube

I had to pick this up, because I had heard how awesome they were.  And...they really are!

They don't really have a flavor, but they are very hydrating and not greasy at all.  So good!

Nail Stuff!!!

Fingrs Edge Nail Strips

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I am obsessed with all things nails.

So, when I saw these I had to pick them up.  Nail stickers are just great when you don't have time to really do your nails well.

LA Colors Polish in Candy Sprinkles

I saw someone haul this one youtube and knew that I had to get it if I found it.  It is so pretty!

Colormates Polish in OZ

I have never tried Colormates before, but I fell in love with this color when I saw someone else pick it up.  I am so impressed with the LA Colors polishes that I wanted to try these as well.


I did a mani with this polish.  (Wearing it right now!)  It's pretty good and the color is still awesome.  It does dry a bit darker than in the bottle.

It has a really thick, fast-drying formula.  Like really fast drying.  It's a one coater.  So, far, so good.

It also dries to a very smooth and glossy finish.  It really looks like you already applied top coat.  Nice!

My biggest complaint would be the brush.  The brush it comes with is very stiff and very square.  So, it is very difficult sometimes to get a nice clean line. 

I also don't like the bottle itself too much, because it is top-heavy.  It wants to falls over.  (I'm just picky today.  haha)


Just took this off today because it was chipping horribly on the 3rd day.  Be warned this stains nails!  My nails are blue tinted now.  :(

Maybelline Color Show Polish in Bronze Beam

Dollar Tree is slowly getting in a ton of Maybelline polishes.  (Don't forget that you can use coupons!  Limit of 4 newspaper and 2 printable per day)

This was the only one that caught my eye.

If you are wanting to beef up your polish collection, be on the lookout.  So far, I have seen the following collections there:  Leather, Metallics, Nudes, Shattered, and Denim.

Nail Art Pen from Sassy+Chic in Candy Scent

I haven't tried the other 2 that I have bought yet, but I went ahead and picked this one up.  It was the very last that my store had.  Y'all know how Dollar Tree is.  You gotta get it or it's gone!

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