Dollar Tree Haul - Epic Fluffy Halloween Pens and Other Stuff

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life has been absolutely mad and stressful lately.  I haven't been shopping quite as much as I usually do.  So the moment I got some time, I ran my happy butt out to Dollar Tree for some much needed bargain therapy.  :)

I didn't find a whole lot, because my stores are kind of meh lately.  I did find a few neat things, and I thought I would share with y'all.

Say hello to my new friends!

Halloween Fluffy Bird Friends

I was waiting in line to check out, and these lovely fluff balls caught my eye.  Y'all know I couldn't resist.  It was a like a match made in muppet destiny or some crap.

I will not be over these for awhile. 

Halloween Flexible Ice Cube Trays

I am not actually using these for ice.  In my experience, these make really freezer burnt ice.

I am using these for molds.  I'm going to make embeds for soap and lotion bars with these.  I have also seen a lot of people on youtube make wax tarts with them.  For a dollar, you can't beat it. 

Sewing Kit

This sucker comes with a set of 14 needles, a threader, a fabric measuring tape, a wee pair of scissors, 5 spools of thread, a thimble, a bunch of buttons, and some safety pins.  Like, holy crap on a stick!

Try buying all that for a buck at the craft store.  If you hand sew a lot like me, be on the lookout for this.  The bag comes in 4-5 different colors as well.

Compact Mirror

This has the normal mirror and the 2x magnified mirror in it.  I thought it was cute for a gift.

Hair Removal Wax Strips

I pray to the deities of unwanted hair that these work.  I have never found wax or strips that worked for my face at all or that weren't harsh.

We will see after I let my glorious moustache grow out a couple of days along with my fancy chin whiskers.  Teenage boys would be jealous of my face. haha!

Yep, we don't shy away from this stuff on my blog.  I don't live in a fantasy land where women are hairless, blemishless objects of  fantasy.  We embrace it all!  And if that bothers you, you need to grow up.

Color Shoe Laces

I just love these!  I have been waiting to find some cool shoe laces for cheap.  Now, my old converses will get an upgrade.

Fashion Cleaning Towels - 2pk

I had bought these with the hot pink zebra design in my last haul, and they turned out to be amazing cleaning towels.  I used just one to clean my whole kitchen.

I would buy them no matter the print, because they are very very good.

Coffee Mug

I seriously don't need anymore coffee mugs, but I had to have this one.  It is so stinkin' heavy duty.  It is like those old office cups from the 50s.  Like, it could be used as a bludgeoning weapon in dire times.  I just have a thing for well-made and sturdy things.  I don't know.

Snack Bags - 50pk

This is just a great deal on snacks.  I usually would wait to coupon these down, but my dad is running a festival booth for his church and they need like 1000 of these.  So, I'm fine with a buck.

Back Scratcher

This was like Christmas for me.  I have been wanting one of these forever, but the ones I find are always like $3-4.

So, no more rubbing my back on wall corners like an angry bear.  No more contorting my body to try to reach that spot.  No more tramatizing my hair brush with my dry as the desert, itchy back.  And no more inner dilemma when I get an itch while I'm eating and have to hold back using the fork.  YES!!!!!

Festival Stuff for My Dad (Below)

So, my dad is running a booth at our local fall festival to raise money for his church.  They are going to be selling craft items, baked goods, snack mixes, and who knows what else.  (It's the Clinch River Fall Festival for y'all in the greater Knoxville, TN area.)

When he started worrying about where to get their table set-up items, I pointed him to Dollar Tree.  I used to run a flea market booth for quite awhile, and that's honestly where I got all my supplies.

So, here we go:

Rectangular Platters

These are going to be great for displaying baked goods and whatnot.  Also they will keep the flavors separated.  With a festival as big as they are doing, keeping a customers visual interest is key.

I think these will work nice.

Round Platter Tray

Since we got the rectangular ones above, we changed it up with some rounded flower-shaped ones.  Also, they got red, white, and blue so that they could use them any time.

Plastic Picture Frames

I love these plastic frames for table signage.  They are cheap, easy to switch out, and look nice and clean on the table.  I used these for all my table signs at the flea market I used to do.

Price Stickers

These are just awesome and you get 420 assorted ones for a buck.  It saves so much time and aggravation when people constantly ask about prices.

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