Dollar Tree Haul

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Item pictures and descriptions below:

(4) Beauty Concepts Skull Nail Polishes

Seriously, who could pass up bright polishes in skull shaped bottles?  Obviously, not this girl!

I have actually heard that the formula not too bad either.  I really hope so.  At least these would make good stocking stuffers for the younger ones if not.

Update:  Okay formula, great colors, but the fumes will clear even the most stubborn of sinuses 

Maybelline Colorshow Nail Tattoos (Skyline Collection and Upper East Side Collection)

I hauled this in my last post/video.  Still loving them!  I even filmed a nail tutorial using these on my new youtube channel.  (Video Link)

L.A. Colors Nail Treatments

Okay so here's the ones I found:
  • Rapid Dry Top Coat
  • Base Coat Top Coat
  • Mega Grow (Clear Formula)
  • Mega Grow (Pink Formula)
  • Super Strength Nail Hardener
  • Ultra Nail Hardener

So after I tried the LA Colors Color Craze in my youtube tutorial, I was just so impressed that I had to try more.  I thought these would be a good review to do, because I am super curious as to how these are.  (It also in my mind justifies the expense somewhat.  Right?)

I will say, though, that these would have to be amazingly good to get me to switch from the ones I currently use.  I have tried tons in all price ranges and nothing has made me change my mind yet.  We shall see...

Fashion Batteries

I am still laughing about these.  I mean, leopard print batteries?!  I had to buy them just to show people that they exist.

Solar Table Lamp

I thought this was so neat.  It is just plain white though.  So, I'm gonna have to jazz it up a bit.

Foam Glider

I thought that this work make a great present for my youngest nephews.  It would be something fun for them to play with next time they come over.

Fashion Duct Tape

I finally found this stuff after looking for weeks!!!  That is all. :P

Fashion Bag Clips

This is another "finally found this!!!" item.  Seriously, my area's dollar trees get stuff so late.

Chalkboard Stickers

These will just be invaluable when I am organizing, crafting, or tons of other things.

Alphabet Beads

I have a couple ideas for crafty Christmas presents to come out of these.  They seem to be pretty nice quality too.

Glass Rocks in 2 sizes

I saw a video on youtube on how to make really pretty gems and rings using these and nail polish.  So, I had to pick some up to get my DIY on.

Disney Themed Lanyards

You can never have too many lanyards.

Assorted Storage Containers and Baskets

Dollar Tree has seriously been getting some awesome storage containers lately.  Got me all inspired and motivated and crap!

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