Dollar Tree Haul (updated with haul video!)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yep, I went to Dollar Tree yet again.

If I'm already out in town and burning the gas, I just can't resist the urge to pop in.

Pictures, information, mini reviews, and even a haul video below:

First, a video of the haul!



Solar Dancing Circus Animals

With all the nieces and nephews that I have, how could I resist these boogers?  These are the 4 different types that my store had.  So cute!

Donna Michelle Lip Sugar (Chocolate and Raspberry)

I did a first impression review of these in my haul video (will be added to this post once it is uploaded to Youtube.)

One word...NASTY!

Seriously, save your dollar.  Ugh...

Hand Sanitizer (3pk)

I thought this was just a super deal on travel size hand sanitizers.  The fragrance is pretty good.  It's not as good as the Bath and Body Works ones, but the price more than makes up for that.

Animal Nail Brushes (Cat and Bunny)

These packages look like they've seen hard times in their life.

I swear these are items that got lost in the backroom years ago and were just recently found and put out on the floor.  They just look so dated compared to the other stuff that Dollar Tree has been putting out.  Also, the paint job on them is quite horrible in places.

Oh well, I needed a nail brush anyway.

Miracle Nail Nail Hardener
Super Dry Quick Dry Top Coat

I'm testing out a bunch of nail treatments and whatnot from the Dollar Tree for review video that I plan on doing in the coming weeks.

I had not seen these before.  So, I snatched them up.

Collapsible Storage Containers

This is another group of items that I think is an older Dollar Tree product. It has the Home Store logo on it that I actually haven't seen in awhile on the Dollar Tree products.  (I haven't really been paying that close of attention though.)

These are just like the other collapsible storage containers, but they come in more muted and somewhat masculine colors.

Cheese Puff Lip Balm
Bacon Lip Balm

Why do these exist?  Why?  More importantly...why did I actually pay money for these?

Blame it on Dollar Tree...  :)

Chap Ice Revo Lip Balm (Cherry, Watermelon, Strawberry)

I finally found these!!!!!!!  Sorry, got excited.

These also definitely live up to the hype.

I have been using the watermelon one, and it is one of the best lip balms I have ever used.  It is even more hydrating to me than the Burt's Bees ones.  Score!!!

Sunbeam Indoor Flood Light

Someone suggested to me to get one these to help with the lighting with my nail tutorials.  For a dollar, I'll take it!

Mini Lint Roller (2pk)

Nothing exciting here.  Move along.

Toothbrush Covers (4pk)

Again, nothing exciting here...

Art Brush Set (5pk)

If you do crafting and/or DIYs, you have to have some cheap brushes around that you don't feel bad about ruining.

I am just hoping that these are okay and don't shed too much.

Alphabet Stickers

I'm going to use these in a DIY.

I'm also slightly annoyed that you have to buy 2 packs to get the entire alphabet.

Handled Basket Storage Containers

I told y'all I was going to hunt for more.  Luckily, one of my local stores have a few left.

I've already used them all.  Ugh...these organizing business is crazy.  lol

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