Dollar Tree Haul (Updated with Haul Video!)

Friday, August 15, 2014

This was one of those trips when you go in looking for nothing and find a whole lot of awesome.  Oh yes!

Let's Get to the Stuff...

(2) Nail Art Pens by Sassy + Chic

The purple one is supposed to be cotton candy scented, and the green one is watermelon. We shall see.  I haven't seen any reviews for these online.  So, I'm curious to see how well they are going to work.  I usually don't have too much luck with polish pens.

(8) LA Colors Color Craze Glitter Polishes

In picture order:

Wonderland --- Cocktail --- Craze
Jewel Tone --- Fruity
Sparkling Diamond --- Confetti --- Dizzy

I wasn't even planning to buy any polish today.  I turn the corner into the beauty aisle and it was like the clouds parted and sun rays shone down.  There was a new 8-high display of LA Colors polishes!!!


I spotted confetti and then it was a lost cause from thereon out. Who knew LA Colors had so many pretty glitters?!

Washi Tape

My Dollar Tree finally got some washi tape!!!!  These are all that they had left of a large display when I got there, but I finally got some.

Reusable Totes

How cute are these?  And there are very sturdy and spacious as well.  I fit my whole shopping trip into one of these.

Chap Sticks and Lip Balms

I hit the mother load!  I got one of every candy or soda version that they had.  I also picked up some more of the Revo balms.  I finally got to try the ones that I got last time, and they are amazing!!!

Desk Calendar and 2pk Pencil Bag

Yes, I know that the desk calendar doesn't start until January, but I hunted for one this year and couldn't find one in my price range.  So, when I found some for a buck, I grabbed them!

I also couldn't pass up 2 pretty pencil bags for a dollar either.  Ugh...this dollar tree thing is getting out of hand.

Francesco Rinaldi Pizza Sauce

I have seen people hauling these on Youtube, and they said that they were really good.  So, I figure that for a buck, I'll try some.

Wham-It!  Super Ball

Supposedly this bounces up to 75 feet.  What better gift for the nephews exists?


Haul Video

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