Review: Dollar Tree Nail Treatments

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I picked up a bunch of nail treatments for $1 at the Dollar Tree and wanted to see if they were any good.  Some really were; I was so surprised!

Review video below:

Review Video:

Diamond Cosmetics (Miracle Nail: 1:41; Super Dry Top Coat: 3:04)

LA Colors (Super Strength: 4:32; Ultra Nail Hardener: 5:52; Rapid Dry Top Coat: 7:41; Base Coat Top Coat: 9:11; Mega Grow, both: 10:30)

Just in case:  WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Thanks so much for watching!

Nails of the Day: LA Colors Craze

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another step into the LA Colors obsession! :)

I just love this glitter.  It looks like neon birthday cake sprinkles.  I think I'll use a white base color next time for a cake or ice cream sprinkles mani.  Eeeee!

Polishes Used:

Base Color LA Colors Color Craze in Yellow (no color name, from the Mani Pedi Party set)

GlitterLA Colors Color Craze in Craze

Nails of the Day: LA Colors Confetti

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I am slowly getting more and more obsessed with the LA Colors polishes.  I can't believe these suckers are just $1.  What?!

Polishes Used, More Pics, and Such Below...

Base Color: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Black Satin

Glitter Topper LA Colors Color Craze in Confetti

I played around a bit with some scotch tape on my other hand:

Can you tell that I just love this glitter?  I am so happy!

Here's another look at my left hand:

I have been pretty busy for the last bit, and I haven't had time to really do much nail art or anything.

This is when I really love glitter polishes like this.  They are super quick, long lasting, and look so fancy.  Oh yes!

Dollar Tree Haul (Updated with Haul Video!)

Friday, August 15, 2014

This was one of those trips when you go in looking for nothing and find a whole lot of awesome.  Oh yes!

Let's Get to the Stuff...

(2) Nail Art Pens by Sassy + Chic

The purple one is supposed to be cotton candy scented, and the green one is watermelon. We shall see.  I haven't seen any reviews for these online.  So, I'm curious to see how well they are going to work.  I usually don't have too much luck with polish pens.

(8) LA Colors Color Craze Glitter Polishes

In picture order:

Wonderland --- Cocktail --- Craze
Jewel Tone --- Fruity
Sparkling Diamond --- Confetti --- Dizzy

I wasn't even planning to buy any polish today.  I turn the corner into the beauty aisle and it was like the clouds parted and sun rays shone down.  There was a new 8-high display of LA Colors polishes!!!


I spotted confetti and then it was a lost cause from thereon out. Who knew LA Colors had so many pretty glitters?!

Washi Tape

My Dollar Tree finally got some washi tape!!!!  These are all that they had left of a large display when I got there, but I finally got some.

Reusable Totes

How cute are these?  And there are very sturdy and spacious as well.  I fit my whole shopping trip into one of these.

Chap Sticks and Lip Balms

I hit the mother load!  I got one of every candy or soda version that they had.  I also picked up some more of the Revo balms.  I finally got to try the ones that I got last time, and they are amazing!!!

Desk Calendar and 2pk Pencil Bag

Yes, I know that the desk calendar doesn't start until January, but I hunted for one this year and couldn't find one in my price range.  So, when I found some for a buck, I grabbed them!

I also couldn't pass up 2 pretty pencil bags for a dollar either.  Ugh...this dollar tree thing is getting out of hand.

Francesco Rinaldi Pizza Sauce

I have seen people hauling these on Youtube, and they said that they were really good.  So, I figure that for a buck, I'll try some.

Wham-It!  Super Ball

Supposedly this bounces up to 75 feet.  What better gift for the nephews exists?


Haul Video

Dollar Tree Haul (updated with haul video!)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yep, I went to Dollar Tree yet again.

If I'm already out in town and burning the gas, I just can't resist the urge to pop in.

Pictures, information, mini reviews, and even a haul video below:

First, a video of the haul!



Solar Dancing Circus Animals

With all the nieces and nephews that I have, how could I resist these boogers?  These are the 4 different types that my store had.  So cute!

Donna Michelle Lip Sugar (Chocolate and Raspberry)

I did a first impression review of these in my haul video (will be added to this post once it is uploaded to Youtube.)

One word...NASTY!

Seriously, save your dollar.  Ugh...

Hand Sanitizer (3pk)

I thought this was just a super deal on travel size hand sanitizers.  The fragrance is pretty good.  It's not as good as the Bath and Body Works ones, but the price more than makes up for that.

Animal Nail Brushes (Cat and Bunny)

These packages look like they've seen hard times in their life.

I swear these are items that got lost in the backroom years ago and were just recently found and put out on the floor.  They just look so dated compared to the other stuff that Dollar Tree has been putting out.  Also, the paint job on them is quite horrible in places.

Oh well, I needed a nail brush anyway.

Miracle Nail Nail Hardener
Super Dry Quick Dry Top Coat

I'm testing out a bunch of nail treatments and whatnot from the Dollar Tree for review video that I plan on doing in the coming weeks.

I had not seen these before.  So, I snatched them up.

Collapsible Storage Containers

This is another group of items that I think is an older Dollar Tree product. It has the Home Store logo on it that I actually haven't seen in awhile on the Dollar Tree products.  (I haven't really been paying that close of attention though.)

These are just like the other collapsible storage containers, but they come in more muted and somewhat masculine colors.

Cheese Puff Lip Balm
Bacon Lip Balm

Why do these exist?  Why?  More importantly...why did I actually pay money for these?

Blame it on Dollar Tree...  :)

Chap Ice Revo Lip Balm (Cherry, Watermelon, Strawberry)

I finally found these!!!!!!!  Sorry, got excited.

These also definitely live up to the hype.

I have been using the watermelon one, and it is one of the best lip balms I have ever used.  It is even more hydrating to me than the Burt's Bees ones.  Score!!!

Sunbeam Indoor Flood Light

Someone suggested to me to get one these to help with the lighting with my nail tutorials.  For a dollar, I'll take it!

Mini Lint Roller (2pk)

Nothing exciting here.  Move along.

Toothbrush Covers (4pk)

Again, nothing exciting here...

Art Brush Set (5pk)

If you do crafting and/or DIYs, you have to have some cheap brushes around that you don't feel bad about ruining.

I am just hoping that these are okay and don't shed too much.

Alphabet Stickers

I'm going to use these in a DIY.

I'm also slightly annoyed that you have to buy 2 packs to get the entire alphabet.

Handled Basket Storage Containers

I told y'all I was going to hunt for more.  Luckily, one of my local stores have a few left.

I've already used them all.  Ugh...these organizing business is crazy.  lol

Dollar Tree Haul

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Item pictures and descriptions below:

(4) Beauty Concepts Skull Nail Polishes

Seriously, who could pass up bright polishes in skull shaped bottles?  Obviously, not this girl!

I have actually heard that the formula not too bad either.  I really hope so.  At least these would make good stocking stuffers for the younger ones if not.

Update:  Okay formula, great colors, but the fumes will clear even the most stubborn of sinuses 

Maybelline Colorshow Nail Tattoos (Skyline Collection and Upper East Side Collection)

I hauled this in my last post/video.  Still loving them!  I even filmed a nail tutorial using these on my new youtube channel.  (Video Link)

L.A. Colors Nail Treatments

Okay so here's the ones I found:
  • Rapid Dry Top Coat
  • Base Coat Top Coat
  • Mega Grow (Clear Formula)
  • Mega Grow (Pink Formula)
  • Super Strength Nail Hardener
  • Ultra Nail Hardener

So after I tried the LA Colors Color Craze in my youtube tutorial, I was just so impressed that I had to try more.  I thought these would be a good review to do, because I am super curious as to how these are.  (It also in my mind justifies the expense somewhat.  Right?)

I will say, though, that these would have to be amazingly good to get me to switch from the ones I currently use.  I have tried tons in all price ranges and nothing has made me change my mind yet.  We shall see...

Fashion Batteries

I am still laughing about these.  I mean, leopard print batteries?!  I had to buy them just to show people that they exist.

Solar Table Lamp

I thought this was so neat.  It is just plain white though.  So, I'm gonna have to jazz it up a bit.

Foam Glider

I thought that this work make a great present for my youngest nephews.  It would be something fun for them to play with next time they come over.

Fashion Duct Tape

I finally found this stuff after looking for weeks!!!  That is all. :P

Fashion Bag Clips

This is another "finally found this!!!" item.  Seriously, my area's dollar trees get stuff so late.

Chalkboard Stickers

These will just be invaluable when I am organizing, crafting, or tons of other things.

Alphabet Beads

I have a couple ideas for crafty Christmas presents to come out of these.  They seem to be pretty nice quality too.

Glass Rocks in 2 sizes

I saw a video on youtube on how to make really pretty gems and rings using these and nail polish.  So, I had to pick some up to get my DIY on.

Disney Themed Lanyards

You can never have too many lanyards.

Assorted Storage Containers and Baskets

Dollar Tree has seriously been getting some awesome storage containers lately.  Got me all inspired and motivated and crap!

Dollar Store Nail Art #1: Maybelline ColorShow Nail Tattoos and LA Colors Nail Polish

Friday, August 1, 2014

So, I recently started up a Youtube channel for my bargain and couponing blog, Spake With Twang.

I uploaded my second video today, and it's all about nail art on a budget.

So I thought it a propos to include it over here as well.

It's a super easy and fun Sunset Ombre Skyline Mani featuring products that I got at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

If you want to see how I did it, check out my video below:

***This is not sponsored in any way.  I bought everything with my own money.
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