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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dollar Tree had some great things that I had never seen before.  I got a bunch of stationary supplies, collapsible canvas storage bins, and even a couple of glass nail files.  Yes!

Details and pictures below...

Sticky Notes 400 sheets (1.5in x 2in)

Gel Pens Multi Color Ink (6pk)

Inc Couture Highlighters 3pk

Inc Couture Ball Point Pens 3pk

Self Stick Flags 500 pk

Memo Books with Blank Sheets 2pk

These are some great deals especially on the post-its and sticky flags.  I had actually just come from staples before going to the dollar tree, and these beat their crazy back-to-school deals.  I can't wait to put these in my new planner. Yes!

Essentials Collapsible Storage Container (Size D, half cube)
Essentials Collapsible Storage Container (Size A, full square cube)

Wow, I can't believe these were at Dollar Tree.  I saw some identical to these at Big Lots for $5 for one.  I will say, though, that these are not the sturdiest bins.  I wouldn't pile them up with super heavy or fragile/breakable stuff unless you are careful with them.

I am using them on my bed side table to store all my night care routine stuff, my lotions, face masks, etc.  They have been working really great for that and look awesome like they came from TJ Maxx or something.

Sassy Chic Glass Nail File and 4 step Buffer Block Pack

Wow, I have been wanting to try a glass file for a long time.  It seems like every beauty guru on the net swears by them, but I just couldn't justify paying $15+ dollars for a nail file when my regular ones do the job just fine.  I need to change my mani out tomorrow.  So, we shall see...

Swirl Paper Clips 10pk

I ordered a new planner the other day.  (Getting my life on track finally, yeah!)  So, I thought that these would be perfect for it.  You can't beat the price either, because I saw ones that looked identical at staples for over $5.

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