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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I love back to school time at Dollar Tree.  They seem to get a ton of new stuff.

Watch the video of my haul:


Pictures, Mini Reviews, and More Below:

(3) Maybelline Color Show Nail Tattoos

My store had 3 different collections: Financial District, Asia Downtown, and Skyline.  I can't wait to play around with these.  Eeee!

Ceramic Pet Magnet

It says, "Dogs have Masters.  Cats Have Servants!"  I had to get it.  It touched me on a deep spiritual level.  (You think I'm joking, but being a cat lady is serious business.)

Small Trash Can

It's cute, tiny, and the color of a ripe watermelon.  I can also flick the lid to send it spinning.  Best trash can ever!

Lunch Container With Utensil Holder Lid

I also got a purple one of these.  These are just perfect for taking a lunch, and the utensil storage is just so clever.

(2) Collapsible Storage Containers

I got 4 of these in my last Dollar Tree haul, and I like them so much that I had to go get a couple more.  I saw some of these that were of comparable quality at Big Lots for $3-$4 bucks.  So, good deal!

They also had a light blue solid and argyle pattern that was very nice.

Fashion Sticky Notes

Post-its for a buck always make me happy.  Add in a cute pattern and a variety of size, and I'm over the moon.

Multi-Color Ink Pens

I got these to go in a stationary gift set that I am working on for my younger nieces for Christmas.  (Yes, I said it.  Christmas.  Or as we call it in retail, the "c-word.")

Lined Sticky Notes

Again, post-its for a buck.  Happy, happy, and more happy.

File Holder

This is a great deal for a dollar, because the plastic ones at Walmart are almost $5.  I just wish that I would have looked it over better, because there is some peeling started already.

(2) Scratch and Sniff Stickers

So, I opened them and did a scratch and a sniff.  The Strawberry ones are great.  They smell just like sweet strawberry candy.  The Chocolate ones, however, aren't very fragrant and just smell of plastic.  There are still cute though.

Lisa Frank 400pk Stickers

This hit me right in the childhood.  I remember when these were everywhere and were crazy expensive.  So retro.  So fabulous.

(2) 300pk Stickers

I got the heart pack and the smiley pack.  I had never before seen these at any of my Dollar Trees.  They were over in the new Back to School section. 

Cute Kitty Sparkle Stickers 250pk

This has an assortment of sparkly stickers and regular.  Shiny and sparkly is always good.  Throw in some cute kitty pictures and I'll start throwing my money at you.

Dry Roasted Peanuts

This is a good size for a dollar.  They taste great, too.

PennySticks Honey Wheat Pretzels

I have yet to see pretzels consistently this cheap anywhere else.

(4) Coastal Bay Hard Candies

My dad always takes hard candy with him anywhere he goes, and his favorite to have is the giant bags of party mix.  I have been looking everywhere for a bag for him, and I just came up short.  So, I just decided to make my own.  I bought these to mix with a couple giant bags of starlight mints.

It is more expensive to do it this way instead of just buying it pre-assorted, but he likes what he likes.  So, I'm going to make it happen.

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