Bargain Trip: Dollar Tree Haul

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The couponing deals have been few and far between for the past few weeks (for my area anyway).  So, I have been going bargain hunting. And...what better place to hunt for great bargains and hidden gems than at the dollar tree? 

Want to see what I picked up?

Also, don't go on youtube and search for dollar tree haul videos.  You will lose hours of your life.  They are like crack or a bag of puffy cheetos when you are only trying to eat one.  Haha!

Health and Beauty Items

After seeing other people's DT hauls, I knew I wanted to go over the healthy and beauty section with a fine tooth comb.  Unfortunately, the dollar tree I happen to stop at is one that gets hit insanely hard.  I will still able to find a few things regardless.

Foot Scrub with Tea Tree Oil
As I mention now and again, my feet need all the help they can get.  So, I am excited to try this one out.  I squeezed some into my hand, and it seems like the scrubby bits aren't very densely packed in the cream.  So, I don't think that it will be very exfoliating at all.  It did leave a tingly feel and have a pleasant smell though.

Microfiber Facial Cloth
This thing feels so soft.  Just what my sensitive wimpy skin needed.

Self-Heating Volcano facial mask (1pk)
I am super terrified to try this thing.  I won't lie.  It says to leave on for only 1 minute.  This may be the thing that melts my face off, but I'm still going to try it.  I'm dumb like that.

Anti-Aging Grape Seed facial mask (1pk)
This one says to leave on for 15 minutes.  It's supposed to rebalance moisture levels, fine line, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.  Yes!  Yes! And...yes please!

Anti-Wrinkle Green Tea facial mask (1pk)
This one claims the same results and benefits as the grape seed one.  I am just super excited to try it, because everything that I have tried with green tea in it works very well on my face.

I am also excited to try all 3 of the masks because they are made in Korea.  So, if they are anything like the other Korean masks I have tried they will be amazing.  They have the best skin care products over there by far.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips in (BrattleSnake) and (Queen of the Jungle)
These are an awesome product.  I usually get over a week of wear out of them with a base and top coat.  (You can probably get more, but I go crazy if I have the same color on my nails for more than a few days.)  Also, these same products are at the drug stores right now for close to $10 a piece.  Seriously good deal!

Facial Brush
I needed some gentle facial exfoliation in my life.

Natural White Sensitive Toothpaste
I had been seeing people on youtube raving about this stuff.  So, I had to pick some up for my dad, because he can only use sensitive toothpastes.  I hope it works great, because all other sensitive toothpastes are quite pricey even with sales and coupons.

Non-Beauty Items

Small Journals/Notebooks (A yellow flower with metallic leaves) and (Light blue faux leather look)
These are darling.  If I see more I am going to buy a bunch to add to my gift trunk.  I have seen books just like these at Ross for $5.

Heavy Duty Shop Wipes
I assume these are supposed to be like Lava soap or Goop in wipe form.  My dad works outside and in his workshop all of the time, and he goes through Lava soap like crazy.  So, I had to buy a pack of these for him to try out.

Black Ink Pens that look like needles
I thought these were just so cool in the store and just perfect for my morbid sense of humor.  Though, now everyone is telling me to not use them outside of the house, because it would look like a syringe for drugs or something from far away.  So, now I'm paranoid. Haha!  These write so dang well too!

Gel Pens (6pk multi colored)
I remember when these were the cool thing to have when I was in high school.  It was back before people texted or even really emailed one other.  You wrote your friend notes complete with multi-colored ink and fancy stickers all wrapped up in a origami crane, and it was the coolest thing ever.  I never had enough money to buy gel pens back then.  So, I guess I am reliving the old days a bit.  These write very well, and the colors are vibrant.  My planner is going to get an upgrade.
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