Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Molly Murphy Mysteries 7)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Molly Murphy Mysteries)

Since returning from Ireland, Molly has had more cases than she can handle.  So, when she finally has a free afternoon, she is excited to be spending it with her long time beau, Daniel.  They go to the park for a romantic stroll through the freshly fallen snow.  Molly is having a wonderful time until she stumbles upon a young girl buried under the snow.   The girl is alive, but she remains in shock.  She doesn't talk or seem to understand anyone.  Molly takes it upon herself to find the girl's family and to find out what terrible thing could have happened to her.

:Short Thought:
This book is chock full of exciting cases, major character developments, and interesting new people and places.  It is truly a exciting ride from start to finish.  This is my new series' favorite!

:Expanded Thoughts:
(Very Minor Spoilers)
This is definitely the best in this series so far!  Tell Me, Pretty Maiden doesn't waste any time engaging us and continues to gain momentum until the fantastic finish.  There are four major cases/mysteries, and each are well developed and deliciously interesting.  I still can't believe that they were all in this one book. 

These cases take us to many wonderful new places, such as: backstage at a theatre, inside a college dormitory, and behind the gates of a sanitarium.  You are never really sure where the cases will lead you next.  Even a seasoned mystery reader will be delighted by the wonderful twists and turns incorporated.

Daniel and Molly's relationship strengthens tremendously in this book.  Thus, we are treated to many sweet moments between them throughout the novel.  They have always been close because of their deep feelings for one another, but their professional lives cause each other frustration for a variety of reasons.  Daniel has never liked Molly's choice of profession nor has he ever really respected her investigating skills.  Daniel's negative views have plagued Molly as the couple gets closer to the point of marriage. 

Daniel's view really begins to change when Molly offers him a temporary partnership to help with her many ongoing investigations.  (Daniel is out of jail, but he is still unemployed and not getting paid.)  While working together as equals, we see what a great team they truly make.  Daniel begins to acknowledge her investigating skills, and Molly sees that she can learn a few things from the former police captain. 

:Additional Notes:

Series Info:  Tell Me, Pretty Maiden is the seventh book in Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy Mysteries series. As of this post, the books available in this series, in order starting from the beginning, are:

Author's Sites:  Want to know more about the author?  Here is a list of Rhys Bowen's sites:

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