In Dublin's Fair City (Molly Murphy Mysteries 6)

Friday, October 29, 2010

In Dublin's Fair City (A Molly Murphy Mystery)

Daniel is now out of prison, but the police commissioner has refused to give him back his job.  Molly is happy that he is back, but she finds that his abundance of free time has made him unbearable to be around.  So, when she is hired by a high profile theatre impresario to locate someone in Ireland, she is relieved.  She jumps at the chance despite the potential dangers of entering the country she once fled.

:Short Thought:
The first few chapters in In Dublin's Fair City take place in New York, but the rest of the novel takes place in Ireland.  With the new setting come a new cast of characters, but it still has the same engaging magic that other books in this series have.

:Expanded Thoughts:
(No Spoilers)
Molly has been building a life in New York since fleeing from her native Ireland in the first novel.  So, it is easy to forget that Molly once lived another life.  The breadth of this book takes place in Ireland and provides tidbits about the life and people that she left behind.  By briefly returning to Ireland, it gives her a form of closure and reassures us that Molly's home is now truly in New York.    

This book concentrates on Molly.  It takes her away from her fabulous friends and her blue-eyed beau.  We get to see how living in America has changed her from the desperate, naive girl who left Ireland in Murphy's Law.  She reenters the country wearing a nice outfit, her head held high, and ready to investigate. 

Trouble and danger are never very far behind Molly, and they are particularly cunning and devious in this book.  She begins with one case--locating Tommy Burke's Irish relative.  As she begins to investigate the Burke family, the case takes on a life of its own.  Each new development was full of twists, unexpected turns, and great supporting characters.

I must admit that I read this book twice before I wrote this post.  (Thus the two week delay)  I didn't really like it the first time that I read it.  I was left quite frustrated, but I had totally different experience when I read it again.  I now love it, and I think that it is one of the strongest of the series.  It answered a lot of questions about Molly's past, and it had a special je ne sais quoi that was refreshing and unique to the series.

I have since figured out the reason why I didn't enjoy the book at first.  I was wearing Daniel and Molly "blinders," and this book concentrates on Molly.  I let that bias my opinion.

:Additional Notes:

Series Info:  In Dublin's Fair City is the sixth book in Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy Mysteries series. As of this post, the books available in this series, in order starting from the beginning, are:

Author's Sites:  Want to know more about the author?  Here is a list of Rhys Bowen's sites:

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  1. I still find myself disliking Daniel and find him selfish and self absorbed. Molly's love for him baffles me. That being said I enjoyed the background of the Irish fight for independence and the description of Dublin.

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