Death Of Riley (Molly Murphy Mysteries 2)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

 Death of Riley (Molly Murphy Mysteries) 
Death of Riley
 (Rhys Bowen)

Despite having a string of sensational job failures, Molly is still determined to be self-reliant.  She has no shortage of motivations--her once wonderful living arrangement has become unbearable, the object of her affection has been less than truthful, and no one is taking her seriously.  Molly finally catches a break when she convinces a seasoned private investigator, Paddy Riley, to hire her as his housekeeper.  A few days later when she arrives at the office to tidy up, Molly walks into find Mr. Riley dead at his desk.  What's even worse is that the killer is still there when she arrives and sees her face.  She knows the situation is dangerous, but feels that she owes it to Mr. Riley to find his killer.

:Short Thought:
Though I thoroughly enjoyed the first novel in this series, it pales in comparison to this one.  The characters are even more interesting, the mystery is even more shocking and elaborate, and Molly shines even brighter.

:Expanded Thoughts:
(No Spoilers)
The focus of the setting in Death of Riley is on Greenwich Village and the delightful, unique characters that live there.  It is a far departure from the slum-like parts of the city on which the first novel focused. Greenwich village is full of delightful pubs and coffee houses that act as centers of great dialogues about art and social progression.  This unpretentious and forgiving place allows people to be expressive without fear of being offensive.  It is the first place that Molly feels like she belongs.

Molly is a stubborn, unconventional force of nature, but she met her match in her new friends from Greenwich Village. She meets the unforgettable Sid and Gus in a pub during her investigation.  They are two women that truly care what no one thinks of their quirky and unconventional ways.  Most importantly, they are the first people that really accept Molly for who she is and encourage her to achieve her goals.  Frequently with them is another notable character--the handsome Ryan O'Hare.  He is a flamboyant Irish playwright and the most charming person Molly has ever seen. She is instantly drawn to him and is all too happy to investigate when he becomes a person of interest in her investigation.

I loved the first novel (Murphy's Law), but I have to say Sid, Gus, and Ryan really take it to a whole new level of enjoyment. 

:Additional Notes:
Death of Riley is the second book in Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy Mysteries series. As of this post, the books available in this series, in order starting from the beginning, are:

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