The Typhoon Lover: Rei Shimura Mysteries 8

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

(Sujata Massey)

Teaser: Rei receives an assignment that lands her back in her ol' stompin' grounds investigating an upper tier Japanese collector. A typhoon hits Tokyo while she is there and traps her with the very person who hired her. Meanwhile, Hugh is left waiting back at home waiting for her return.

Short Thought: Totally turned me off from the series for a long while.

Expanded Thoughts: [SPOILER WARNING] I won't lie; I couldn't even finish this book. It was by far the worst of the series. I have the next two books, but they will stay on my shelf for a long while. This book made me disgusted with a main character that I once loved. Perhaps, I should have done what so many other readers have done and read these out of order or treated it as a stand alone novel.

It portrayed her as an entitled, uppity, ungrateful, morally ambiguous woman. (Is it 2 or 3 lovers she cheated on now?) She had lived off of Hugh for years, was engaged to him, got him into countless troublesome situations, and then threw him by the wayside. She stayed with Takeo for months just to feel more Japanese and set about from the Western World and then ripped his heart out. I know this is more realistic than books usually are when it comes to relationships, but, dang, if I wanted to see that I just need to look out my window. Don't build couples up only to throw it away a second time. I get frustrated with a main character whose personality changes like the wind. So inconsistent!

This book was completely inconsistent with the previous ones in the series. If you are reading these books as a series, I recommend stopping at The Pearl Diver and treating the next ones as stand alone novels. I can only hope that my memory will forget this is a part of the series which I feel in love with at the beginning.

Additional Notes: This novel contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Additional Notes: This is the 8th book in the Rei Shimura Mysteries series by Sujata Massey. There are two more books currently out. (Girl in a Box, Shimura Trouble)

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