Relentless: Lost Fleet Series 5

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Teaser: After having survived numerous battles, explosions, and inside attempts to kill him, John Geary takes some much needed days to make repairs and clear his head. He is trying, with great difficulty, to decide how to precede in the last leg in this journey back to Alliance space.

On top of that, Geary must find out who the traitor is that attempted to destroy the fleet in the battle at Lakota, out think the approaching Syndics, and all the while maintaining his image with the fleet. It is proving to be increasingly challenging as Geary begins having painful flashback episodes of his last battle over one hundred years ago. If anyone can overcome all these obstacles it would be "Black Jack" Geary, and that's what scares him the most.

Short Thought: This book reminded me why I love this series. The best book in the series!

Expanded Thoughts: This novel was excellent. It totally made up for some of the crappier novels in this series. We get a lot of questions answered, real plot progress, a deeper insight into the characters, and great dialogue.

First, we finally get some answers, or at least great progress, for some of the questions raised in the previous novels. To avoid giving too much away, I will just give a little tease. We learn more about the mysterious aliens, the real situation in Alliance space, the Lakota traitor, and other things.

Second, the plot moves on. I was so worried when I read the other novels that it was all going to be set in Syndic Space doing the same things over and over. It was not so in this novel. The pace was great, and we are shown a whole new side to the story.

Next, the characters were great in this one. One of my biggest complaints about this series has been the flat characters that only have a handful of phrases. It just was a different animal in this one. Tanya Desjani was actually more than a bull-headed, Geary worshipper; she was funny, witty, and had a mind of her own. To actually see her character develop and act human was wonderful. Also, dare I say it, Co-President Rione wasn't annoying in this novel. She was actually helpful, and her political knowledge proves to be a valuable asset to the fleet. Jack Geary's character is also enhanced with the addition of PTSD. It gives him a real human side and weakness, and it more true to how a person would be after the trauma he must be suffering as an ancient outsider.

Lastly, the dialogue was great. There were jokes, catty comments, and a good flow to the conversations. (Especially between Geary, Desjani, Badaya, and Duellos) It didn't feel flat or too structured like the novels before it have. You could actually feel the friendships that have built between these people throughout their hard times. And, believe it or not, they were talking to Geary like he was a human. (Gasp!)

In closing, if you weren't sure if you should continue with this series, you totally should! This book is worth the agonizing pace of the other ones.

Additional Notes: This is the 5th book in The Lost Fleet Series by Jack Campbell.

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