Paths Not Taken: Nightside Series 5

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pages: 272
Year Published:

John Taylor has finally found out who is mother is. She is none other than the first wife of Adam, Lilith, creator of Nightside. So, to find out more about his mother and her destructive future plans he decides to travel to the past to a time before the creation of Nightside. He brings with him a fellow PI, Tommy Oblivion, and his long time 'friend,' the trigger happy Suzie Shooter. (AKA. Holy crap, it's her! RUN!)

Short Thought:
More confusing than past novels, but answered a lot of questions and filled in a lot of back story.

Expanded Thoughts:
This 5th installment in the Nightside series deviated from the usual 'gumshoe' formula that the others had. The actual 'job' that John receives plays a very small part in this one. The focus was instead on the back story, Nightside and its history, Lilith, and character growth.

That being said, this is a very important novel if you are reading the entire series. It ties up 90% of the plot lines and answers most of the questions that you hadn't even thought to ask yet. It is basically an introduction to the 'BIG SHOWDOWN.'

My only gripe is that the 'time traveling,' paradox' thing really messed with my head. I found it very confusing. So, if you aren't used to reading that kind of sci-fi stuff, be prepared to slow down. (I had to reread some parts 3 times to get the significances and such.)

My apologies for the short review, but honestly I couldn't think of any other way to not give spoilers. This book is chock full of 'em.

Additional Notes: This novel has descriptive violence and dark themes.

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