Nightingale's Lament: Nightside Series 3

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pages: 256
Year Published:

: To square off his debts, John Taylor took a job from his long time unfriendly enemy Walker. Of course, he got the job done in a way only "the cursed John Taylor" could--by screwing up the electricity grid for Nightside and leaving a lot of carnage behind. So, John decides to head to Strangefellows to escape Walker's wrath.

While at the bar, John is approached by a man who has a job for him. The man is concerned about his daughter who has recently cut off all contact with her friends and family. He wants to know if she is okay. John agrees to take the job even after he finds out who this mysterious girl is. The daughter is none other than Rossignol, the singer whose songs are so sad that many have committed suicide after listening to them. The problem becomes even more dangerous when John finds out that she is managed by the Cavendishes--one of the most powerful and strange duos in Nightiside. John is suspicious that the Cavendishes are using Ross as a weapon so he brings along the only comrade of his immune to such things, Dead Boy.

Short Thought: Yet another twisted and fun ride that is the best in the series yet.

Expanded Thoughts: Even though Nightside is a place in which no one would want to be found, it is definitely a great place to observe. With each novel, the author shows us yet another dimension of Nightside, sometimes literally, while keeping some of our favorite constants like Strangefellows and its jaded bartender.

This novel was the best in the series so far. In previous posts, I have complained before about the redundancy of some of the syntax. (John Taylor is scary. Nightside is scary. Things are strange in Nightside. Blah blah blah) It was minimized in this one. Granted, it was still there, but not annoyingly so. Also, the 'mystery' plot was much more focused. In previous books, there is so much going on that the actual 'job' gets forgotten sometimes. This 'job' is at the forefront of the story, and becomes extremely trying for John emotionally. He honestly wants to help Rossignol and not just complete the job and intimidate along the way. Lastly, the new supporting characters are the most brilliant and developed yet. All hail Dead Boy!

Though I love this series, I did have one complaint about this novel. The 'Walker' job in the beginning just seemed randomly thrown in to me. It was like a short story just thrown in the beginning.

Over all, a very dark, twisted, and highly entertaining short read.

Additional Notes: This novel contains dark themes, violence, and gore.

Additional Notes: This is the 3rd novel in the Nightside Series by Simon R. Green.

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