Murder Most Frothy: Coffeehouse Mysteries 4

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pages: 272 (Mass Market Paperback)
Year Published: 2006

Claire is headed to the Hamptons to help get a friend's restaurant off to a good start. It's summer, and the Hamptons are full of grandiose parties, hopping socialites, and drama at every corner. Claire is thankful for the change of scenery until one of the restaurant employee is found murdered inside of the owner's house. She fears for her friends' live and moves to investigate. I guess there is never a vacation away from murder.

Short Thought:
Claire is a great main character. I just can't get enough of this series.

Expanded Thoughts:
This is 'cozy mystery' done beautifully yet again. (Or as I call it 'TV alternative.') The characters were great with just enough scandal and drama thrown in. (Well, those are Matteo's two middle names, I believe.) This time, we are treated to a different setting, the Hamptons, and a whole mess of different suspects/party goers. It was fun because I'm a small rural town Tennessee girl and I hadn't even heard of the Hamptons. (I totally thought it was like Hampton Inn hotel or something.) I always love a book that teaches me things that I can use on Jeopardy! some day. It was a nice vacation, and now I'm ready to go back to the Blend. (What can I say? I miss the Baristas.)

My only gripes with this book are minimal. The first is the absence of Detective Quinn. He is in there for maybe a paragraph. I was just hoping for some more of that chemistry he and Claire have. (Can you tell I'm rooting for Mike? huh? huh?) Lastly, it just too darn short, but so is every book in this genre so I can't fault it too much. These books only take me a couple of hours to read, and leave me clawing for the next book. I just need to figure out how to slow my reading. Ah! (Dear Santa, I would like a 1500 page book featuring Ms. Claire Cosi.)

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