Luck in the Shadows: Nightrunner Series 1

Friday, July 3, 2009

Teaser: Alec has been sentenced to death for a crime that he didn't commit. As his days in prison grow longer and the torture more intense, he is given new hope. One of the prisoners, a curious man named Seregil, plans to escape and agrees to take Alec with him. Alec can't wait to get out, but he fears that his new acquaintance may be even more dangerous.

Short Thought: A dashing fantasy adventure with a great mix of characters.

Expanded Thoughts: Alright, I'm just gonna shoot the 'big elephant in the room' first on this. Yes, it is true that this series' lead couple (Alec x Seregil) is MxM or yaoi. This seems to be one of the major complaints made about this series. The couple is genius though, and I don't really see what their genders have to do with anything. It enhances the brilliant story if anything else. It brings something new and bold to this genre. So, don't be fooled by angry reviewers! This is a great fantasy novel. One of the best that I have read!

So, let's discuss the main characters. First, we have Alec. As the story begins, Alec is a illiterate low class country bumpkin with very innocent and traditional view about the world around him. Next, we have Seregil. He is a thief extraordinaire with a past full of issues a mile long. While young Alec's past is a seemingly open book, Seregil's is clouded with secrecy and darkness. The two learn from each other and help each other as they are confronted with huge obstacles.

As for the story, it really was an adventure. It was like that moment on a roller coaster when your breath catches, and then WHAM! It truly was a well developed, fast-paced ride throughout. It also has all the great elements: high stakes escapes, mystery, political intrigue, thievery, coming of age, humor, and characters with whom you can fall in love.

Honestly, I can't wait for the next one.

Additional Notes: This novel contains gay relationships, violence, and mild language.

Additional Notes
: Luck in the Shadows is the first novel in the Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling.

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