Hex and the City: Nightside Series 4

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pages: 256 (Mass Market Paperback)
Year Published: 2005

John is the closest he has ever been to finding out the truth about his mysterious mother. Lady Luck offers to give him valuable information about his background as payment for a job. This job is dangerous and will put John on the bad sides of some very powerful players in Nightside. As usual, John doesn't seem too upset about it.

Short Thought:
As with the other novels in this series, this is sick and twisted fun that is surprisingly easy to relate to.

Expanded Thoughts:
This 4th installment in the series builds upon what has been introduced in the previous novels as well as answers a lot of questions and open new doors.

One central theme of the previous books was the mysterious origins of John Taylor. Why does everyone fear him? Who is his 'all-powerful' mother? What of his father? We actually get answers to these questions and more in this book. (Thank God!)

Also, this novel has a interesting and deliciously macabre cast of supporting characters. Some new Nightside residents take center stage. Some of them include: Sinner (sold his soul for love), Pretty Poison (Sinner's demoness lover), and even a unique Madman. They play off of each other well, and can be pretty hilarious at times. My only complaint is that the author's builds these characters up sometimes just lets them go.

Though there are a few redundancies and places that I wish were more developed, this is a great, easy to follow, fantasy story with twisted allusions that tickle your well of useless knowledge.

Additional Notes: This novel contains dark themes and descriptive violence.

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