Club Dead: Sookie Stackhouse Series 3

Sunday, July 5, 2009

(Charlaine Harris)

: Cozy couple Bill and Sookie have been drifting apart as of late. Bill, who has always placed Sookie on a pedestal, has became increasingly secretive and distant. The situation escalates when Bill goes missing after a mysterious trip to Mississippi. With the help of a new lycanthropic acquaintance, Alcide, Sookie goes to Mississippi desperate for answers.

Short Thought: Great sexy fun, but it slightly inconsistent with the first two novels in the series.

Expanded Thoughts: This story was bizarre, even for this series. We get introduced to a crap load of new characters, while old characters fade. Sweet Sookie changes a lot in this one. She gets a handful of new love interests, new life experiences, and discovers her darker nature.

[Minor Spoilers]

This series' central theme is the shock to the societal system that was made when the vampires decided to 'go public.' Little did we know that vampires were just the tip of the iceberg. We are introduced to the tribal 'Were' network in this novel. There are even nightclubs (hence, club dead) that cater to 'two-natured' patrons. I found that bizarre because it is inconsistent with all the 'vamp hoopla.'

Next, this novel takes a new turn when the solid pairing of Bill and Sookie starts to crumble. Bill is slowing pushing Sookie to the side, and it doesn't sit with Sookie one bit. After he runs off to Mississppi, he leaves his computer system in Sookie's closet with a mysterious database program on it. (The place in which he usually sleeps over.) Okay, I have to comment on this. Bill has a computer?! He has always been portrayed as a guy stuck in the old ways. I just do not see him as the ultra vampire techie geek who would make a program database thing that no one had ever thought to do. It just doesn't fit.

I am not going to give any more away because if you have read the first couple books in this series, you will read this one regardless of what I put on here. So just know this, the story was faster paced than normal with more twists. None of the usual minor characters are in it. (Other than Bill and Eric really.) It leaves behind most of the old developing plotlines, and replacing it with newer, more expansive ones. Despite its flaws, this novels was entertaining as 'all get out.'

Additional Notes: This is the 3rd novel in the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris. It is also known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Additional Notes
: This novel does contain scenes of violence and sexual situations.

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