Chill Factor: Weather Warden Series 3

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pages: 352 (Mass Market Paperback)
Year Published: 2005

Teaser: Picking up after the last novel's cliffhanger, Joanne is in the middle of trouble once again. She is scrambling across the country to confront Kevin in Las Vegas. If having to deal with an angry teenager with super powers wasn't enough, Joanne's trek is interrupted when she is kidnapped and finds herself in the headquarters of a very strange and dangerous organization. As they try to pump her for information, she finds that she cannot trust any of her old acquaintances--maybe even her beloved David.

Short Thought: Fun, easy to follow, romantic adventure that is as entertaining as any television program.

Expanded Thoughts: First let me just say that you really need to read the first two novels in this series before jumping into this one. This book picks up almost right where book 2 ended. (Weather Warden 1, Weather Warden 2).

This kind of novels are what I like to call "TV alternatives." You can just read, without a brain cramp, and enjoy the ride. There is an interesting storyline, fairly uncomplicated characters, and just enough twists for you to get your fix.

So what is delicious about this novel? First, we are treated with more back story and minor character development. The eccentric Lewis has played a major role in the last two novels, but his character had really remained a mystery until this novel. We are able to understand more about his strange behaviors and how he really fits into the whole grand hierarchy in regards to Djinn and Wardens. Even more than Lewis, I applaud this author for not doing what so many others do in this genre--drop characters off. This author successfully introduces new characters while keeping the personalities and presences of older characters alive. Developments actually go somewhere! (I have been frustrated with another series that will remain nameless.)

Second, can I just say that as cheesy and over-the-top as this couple is, I am addicted and find myself with warm fuzzies. It is a perfect healing, sweet, and sultry match! David and Joanne compliment each other so well. It makes for one of the best relationship dynamics I have seen in the fantasy genre in awhile. (Though, I cannot say that I not just being clouded by all the David-ness. -sigh-)

Lastly, this novel wasn't as flat and linear as the previous two. There was a lot going on, and it was balanced quite well and came together in the end. (I'm totally not giving spoilers on this one.) There was already one troublesome mission on the table at the start of this novel--the stoppage of Kevin, fiery teenager, and his stolen godly servant Johnathan--and tensions were high. Instead of calming down from there, it only got more urgent, more dangerous, more complex, and, at times, nail-biting. Each of the main characters have to find their way out of their own binds before they can truly stop Kevin, and with the twists thrown in no one can be trusted--not even their closest companions.

Okay, there were a few things about this novel that irritated the snot out of me. First, let me just say that Joanne is the biggest 'Mary-Sue' I have seen in a long time. I know it makes that reading easier and less complicated, but does everything have to revolve around her. ('Mary-Sue' is a character to which everything happens. Everyone wants to be with her, everyone is out to get her, only she can complete tasks, only she can save the world, etc...) Sometimes it is a bit ridiculous what she is put through and what she completes. Next, it seems these books are going to start ending in cliff-hangers. Boo-hiss on that! It wasn't as bad as the last book, but BOO! Lastly, the 'humor' gets old sometimes. I understand that humor is subjective, but I just found it annoying in places.

So overall, great fun with very minor hang-ups. It is a must read for fans of urban fantasy and strong female leads.

Additional Notes: This novel contains scenes of a sexual nature as well as mild violence.

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