Cast in Fury: Chronicles of Elantra 4

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pages: 416
Year Published: 2008

: The public isn't too fond of the Tha'alani, and even believe they are responsible for a tidal wave that crashed down the city recently. So to improve public opinion and ease political relations, the High Court has drafted a eccentric playwright to create a wonderful piece portraying the Tha'alani in a good light. Because of Kaylin and Severn's past work with the Tha'alani, they are assigned to the writer to make sure the play is completed with accuracy. Despite lacking all the necessary skills or tact, Kaylin is once again thrown into an important job with Severn by her side.

Short Thought: The main character was slightly less annoying, but there were no develops or twists to the story.

Expanded Thoughts: This series is slowly getting better. When I read the first book I couldn't stand it, but I forced myself to keep going and it's looking like it is going to pay off.

Let's start with the bad:

My biggest complaint still is that the author has opened up a lot of plot lines and I just hope that they don't became large, gaping holes. Said holes include Kaylin's mysterious pre-hawk years, Severn, Lord Nightshade (who is the best character in the whole deal), and many many more. Second, Kaylin is just plain childish and annoying. Seriously, does she have some kind of divine connections somewhere? Because she somehow became a Hawk without taking the classes, without any respect for military/social hierarchy, and skills that should be present in someone of her position. Oh, and she has no respect for rules, and has tantrums. Third, where's the love story? Now, I'll be the first to say that I hate mushy love stories, but after four books it's getting frustrating. (On the record, I vote Nightside.) Even uber-masculine series have couples in them or at least some kind of lingering tension. (My Lifetime movie addict side is showing.) Lastly, there were no real plot developments in this book. It was like a 'filler episode' on a TV drama. It was entertaining, but you could skip it and not miss anything important. (The only bit of info was a little bit of background on the Leotines. That's it.)

All right, I'm totally done griping:

Even though I gripe about this series a lot and I detest the main character, I think I'm slowing becoming addicted to it. It has a different tone than other fantasy series out there today. Also, some of the supporting characters remain absolutely brilliant. (I read the series mainly to see what becomes of them.) Lastly, the world is really unique. I am slowly starting to understand it more and more with each novel, and it's gets more interesting all the time.

Additional Notes: This is the 4th book in the Chronicles of Elantra Series by Michelle Sagara.

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