Valiant: The Lost Fleet Series 4

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teaser: "Black Jack" Geary continues his mission to get his fleet home safely. With Syndics tight on his trail and endless crew quarrels, it seems more and more difficult each day.

Short Thought: Slightly better than the third novel, but still slow and redundant.

Expanded Thoughts: Wow, was that an anemic teaser or what? Honestly, that's about how much happened in this book. There was a handful of progress and great scenes, and the rest could be completely cut out.

As I said about the last book, the women in this series are portrayed in an awful manner. Rione is the catty, jealous politician. Desjani is the bull-headed, tomboy that is really just a jealous school girl inside. I thought that these two women were influential in the Alliance. Rione is a co-President and Desjani is a decorated captain. So, why when Geary is added to the mix does it turn into a Middle School love triangle? They give each other glares, and refuse to call each other by their names. They even meet with Geary to gripe about each other. Maybe this book is just way too masculine for 'silly ol' female me.

Next gripe, this book felt like it was stuck in some black hole. (I don't know astronomical terms well, but it didn't go anywhere.) It was like Book 3 part too. I felt like I was reading the same book sometimes. Was the author not sure where he was going with this? I can't say, but I know that it took all my will power to finish some parts.

So why did I rate it higher than book 3? Because, when the story did move and progress it was great. The battle were still great, and the inner fleet captains' struggles were brilliant. Probably too, Rione didn't have as many scenes in this one.

Additional Notes: This is the 4th book in the Lost Fleet Series by Jack Campbell.

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