Moonshine: Cal Leandros Series 2

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Teaser: Life is never dull when Niko or Cal are anywhere to be found. The brothers are embarking on new territory as they decide to stay in New York City for the long haul. No more running away. To help to make ends meet, Niko teams up with his current lover Promise to form a bodyguard service. It seems like a great idea, and pays really well. The job lands them into even more trouble. If that wasn't bad enough, Cal is starting to exhibit more and more Auphe-like behavior. These brothers just can't catch a break to save their lives.

Short Thought: A nice continuation to the series, a bit better than the first.

Expanded Thoughts: This novel was a nice continuation and did build upon what was introduced in the premiere novel, but it didn't go anywhere new. It stayed at the same pitch, same level.

It did differ greatly from the first novel in that it was less forced and less cheesy. I love the sarcastic voice of the main character Cal, but sometimes it's too much and can become redundant. You just want to smack him. (If you didn't think he might bite you or shoot you.)

That being said, the characters proved to be much more than cardboard backing in this one. The story delves deeper into Niko's (the truly tragic character) life and character. The author also is genius at giving the perfect 'push and pull' energy between the brothers. They love each other, but the bond was built on tragedy, worry, and violence. It is very interesting to see how they play off of each each and support each other. It is truly something unique in this genre.

I can't wait for the next one!

Additional Notes: This novel contains dark themes, language, and violence.

Additional Notes: This is the 2nd novel in the Cal Leandros Series by Rob Thurman.

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