Magic Burns: Kate Daniels Series 2

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Teaser: Kate is back with even more attitude, but more importantly with steady employment. She is now a recognized 'friend' to the Pack, a structured gang of shape shifters, and has solid connections to the authorities. Not only does this mean more leverage, but it more importantly means steady money--something Kate is grateful for and lacked until recently.

Kate is given a job by the Pack, or rather returning a favor. She is to track down a group of valuable maps that was stolen. Little did she know that the maps would lead to a butt kicking of epic proportions that she would feel for weeks to come.

Short Thought: Even better than the first of the series. Raised my expectations of the urban fantasy genre.

Expanded Thoughts: This novel was a short step ahead of the first one. I wasn't sure that I was going to continue with it after the first one, but I'm glad that I did.

One of my main complaints with the first novel was that the main character was flat and annoying. She was the stock, bull-headed chick that crumbles to lustful ooze in the presence of an alpha male. It had been done and better. I must say this novel deviated from that quite a bit. We get to see a female character stick to her guns (well swords), get the crap kicked out of her, and not turn into putty at the hands of the one that saved her. I was beyond pleasantly surprised. I had these novels totally pegged as being as predictable as many of the other series in this genre. I dare say, this character has me intrigued in that her whole story isn't revealed yet, and I am craving for more.

Another thing I did enjoy about this novel over many of the others in this genre is that the author doesn't force character relationship or alliances. It is more like real life. People don't trust each other so quickly, nor do they have magic enchantments that make them 'made for one another.' People also don't instantly work together 'just because.'

This one could turn into a real prize, maybe even better than Mercy Thompson and Sookie Stackhouse. All Hail Kate Daniels!

Additional Notes: This novel contains scenes of mild violence.

Additional Notes (2): This is the 2nd novel in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews.

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