Deathwish: Cal Leandros Series 4

Monday, June 15, 2009

(Rob Thurman)

Teaser: Niko and Cal are hired by the vampire Seamus to find out who is after him. He is an ex-husband of Promise of whom Niko knew nothing about. The job pays well, but it causes a rift in Promise's and Niko's relationship. He can no longer trust her. Unfortunately, they don't really have time to discuss it because the Auphe are back and more vicious than ever. They have a plan for Caliban, and it starts with Niko's death. Cal must dig deep, even at the risk of losing himself, to protect Niko from his monstrous relatives. Niko is in constant fear that Cal may dig too deep as he watches him slowly decline into the monstrous darkness.

Short Thought: Urban fantasy genius. Pushes the envelop. Absolutely amazing. Blown away.

Expanded Thoughts: I was blown away by this. I was sure this series was crap on a stick at the beginning. I am so glad that I didn't bet anything on that. This series is brilliant. Thurman, in this novel, takes you on a ride that never slows down and isn't afraid to take everything to a new level complete with dark, delicious new twists and developments. It is almost like the novel hits you in waves. It settles down for a couple pages, and then, BAM! you get blown away over and over again.

The dialogue was not forced or annoying. Cal still had his flair (or is that Robin?), spunk, and dark humor, but IT WAS ACTUALLY FUNNY and well timed and paced. The author is very consistent with the characters and their developments and growths. Niko is slowly becoming even more intertwined into Promise's life as Caliban is slowly becoming more dark and doubting his humanity. I could go forever about how wonderful it is, and how brilliant the characters are.

One thing that has changed in this novel with respect to the series is that half the book is written from Niko's perspective instead of just Cal's. It really highlights their relationship and differences in their humanity and views. We also get even more glimpses into their past. It also keeps everything fresh and doesn't allow the reader to bore of the same humor over and over again. I thought that this took the series to another level, and made Cal's dark humor funny and better placed.

Before I start squealing like I'm at a New Kids on the Block (I feel old) concert, I end this with statement that if you are going to read a contemporary fantasy/paranormal series, this is the one. It's not too masculine, and it's certainly not feminine. It fits all twisted tastes and doesn't disappoint.

Additional Notes: This is the 4th novel in the Cal Leandros Series by Rob Thurman.

Additional Notes: This novel contains dark themes, mild language, violence, and gore.

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