Cast in Secret: The Chronicles of Elantra 3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(Michelle Sagara)

Teaser: Kaylin is back and surrounded by trouble and drama once again. Only this time she doesn't find herself thrown into the middle of the High Caste Barrani, but rather the telepathic Thalani who have plagued her before. Kaylin's task begins as a small Thalani child comes to her in a "vision" and speaks nothing but her name. Kaylin puts aside all of her differences and focuses on helping the child.

Short Thought: The best book in the series thus far.

Expanded Thoughts: Finally, a gem in this series. I absolutely loved this installment of this series. The characters were better developed, more human, and a tad bit funny. The story was also easier to follow and much interesting and suspense building. Just as I was about to throw down this series, I find myself attached to it for the long haul.

Additional Notes: This is the third book of the Chronicles of Elantra Series by Michelle Sagara.

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