Blood Lines: World of the Lupi Series 3

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Teaser: Rule has barely recovered from the severe wounds inflicted in the last ordeal, but regardless the government drafts he and Lily to investigate a serious matter. There is rumor of a group of politicians making deals with the devil to further their influence. This mission is so dangerous that the hard-nosed Cynna and the strange Cullen are also drafted to help.

Short Thought: A great continuation of an exciting paranormal romance series.

Expanded Thoughts: This novel was fun. Pure fun. I was convinced that this series wasn't going anywhere, and that it would just be a collection of WAFF-y Lily and Rule scenes. Boy, was I wrong!

The author really opens up the setting in this novel. We are given a deeper insight into the strained relationships between the Were (Lupi) tribes. I love that the author actually has Rule deal with the hardships of his position as heir. Most books build up a character with a powerful status, but they never have him deal with what comes with it. He has to battle with dissenters, finances of the clan, and etc.

We also get some mystery added with Lily's Grandmother, Cynna, and Cullen. Where do their powers come from? Does this open up a new conflict outside of the Lupi in the US? To the public, there is no magic, but it seems to be all over the globe.

I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just say this: these are the most original and complex paranormal romances I have read. They are impossible to predict, and don't fit into any mold.

Additional Notes: This is the 3rd novel in the World of the Lupi Series by Eileen Wilks.

Additional Notes: This novel does contain scenes of mild violence and sexual situations.

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