Blood Bound: Mercy Thompson Series 2

Friday, June 12, 2009

Teaser: A dangerous rogue vampire is on the loose, and Stefan has called in his favor to Mercy. Her unique abilities as a walker make her the only one that can potentially stop the powerful and maniacal murderer. Unfortunately, even her abilities don't make facing the vampire any less dangerous. She will find herself in her most dangerous situation yet, and it looks like this may be her last as she faces this real life demon.

Short Thought: Great sequel to the first in the series. More of the back story revealed and built upon.

Expanded Thoughts: Dare I say it? I like these books much better than the super popular Sookie Stackhouse Series. GASP!

So what makes me just love this book? First, this book goes further in the first in introducing more of the 'magical/paranormal' culture around Mercy's neighborhood. We really get an in-depth look into the vampire culture and hierarchy when Mercy has to travel to their lair to speak with their Queen. It is very different from how vampires are portrayed in a lot of the other books on the market. It was also described very well in that I got to experience a little bit of the fear, uncertainty, and anxiety that Mercy felt when she entered. You truly got to see threw her eyes and 'hear' her thoughts. There wasn't a clear friend or foe distinction, and it kept it riveting.

Second, I love the characters. Stefan is an ultra scary vampire that drives a VW psychedelic van, what's better than that? Also, Mercy, although in the middle of a supernatural whirlpool, is actually very normal and very easy to relate to. She owns her own business, and has a very vulnerable side. Sam and Adam are also very interesting characters, but I don't won't to give too much away about this book. One thing that I find awesome is that the author doesn't make her characters invincible, or give them the ability to magically be all better by the next scene. It really keeps you on toes, because something terrible may happen. It was especially tense in this novel because Mercy is put in a terrible situation from which she may not come back.

Lastly, The love story is very complex and interesting. We are not bombarded with gushy filler scenes or forced pairings. It is made more complex in this novel as we are given more back story on the connections between Mercy, Adam, and Sam. Their connections are deeper than revealed in the first novel. The story behind Sam and his connection to Mercy is very interesting and somewhat dark and disturbing. It has your emotions confused as to who to cheer for and what to think about it.

My only gripes are very trivial. I wish the novel was much longer. When I really started to get into it, it was over. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a 9,000 page novel in this series. (I would die! ...of happiness.) Also, though it was great to be able to get inside Mercy's head, sometimes I just wanted her to shut it up. I swear that in some instances her inner dialogue would span several pages and she would be saying the same thing over and over again. It just really got annoying sometimes.

I can't wait for the third novel. This has became my favorite series of this type.

Additional Notes: This is the 2nd book in the Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs.

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